Achievements, Feats and other Guides

Achievement guides

Items made of awesome

  • Fun items with on-use abilities from Vanilla – All the fun items like Orb of Deception from the days of lvl 1-60 content in one spot. You have probably seen one or two or even three of the items on this list but I guarantee you that you will discover several items you didn’t know existed by reading this.
  • The Mount Runs – A list of all soloable bosses that drops mounts.
  • History of Hunter Tier Sets – A detailed list with information and views on every PvE hunter set in the game, starting at the first dungeon set and ending at tier 13 raiding set.


No longer relevant

During the writing of these articles the achievements and feats described in them were still obtainable for players. Now however the world of Azeroth have changed and you no longer can. I decided to still link these articles here for historical purposes.

  • Tips for The Immortal – A guide for achieving The Immortal or The Undying, listing the most threatening encounters and why they might rob you of the achievement.
  • Herald of the Titans – My story of how I defeated the most epic boss ever.
  • The Elemental Invasion – A short guide on how to achieve “Tripping the Rift”, full of nonsensical pictures.
  • Rhok’delar confusion – Explanation of why the lvl60 hunter epic bow quest will be gone in Cataclysm.

2 Responses to Achievements, Feats and other Guides

  1. Teslynz says:

    Hi, i couldn’t find your email so i just leave you message through this, i hope it’s ok. I come across your site awhile back and I would like to trade link with your site. I all ready put a link to your site on my site

    Please let me know if you interested.

    Thanks a lot,

    • Gavendo says:

      Hey there!
      I’ll definitely put a link to your site in my transmog related articles, seems like a great guide for different available sets. Whether you link back to me or not doesn’t bother me much. Do it if it feels right for the article. 🙂


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