Hunter Feedback to Blizzard

Recently Blizzard asked us all to give them our thoughts about the current state of our class and wishes for the future of that same class. They ask that we answer them using this little form that they’ve provided and that we submit our answers to each class’s respective thread.

At the time of writing this post, the US & EU threads for Hunters have over 103 pages combined. This is also the highest number of pages of feedback for any class. The closest competitor is Paladin feedback, which is just under 100 pages at the moment. The class with the least amount of feedback is currently Death Knights with just 63 pages of feedback.

Update (09/17): Frostheim has attempted to analyse the hunter feedback and put together what he believes is the general opinion of hunters out there.

Since my own feedback was too long to actually put in the thread (silly character limits…), I’ve decided to just put it straight on my blog instead! So, here follows my answers to the class feedback form:

What type of content do you focus on? [PvE/PvP/Both]

  • Both.

If PvE, what type of PvE? [Heroics/Raids/Other]

  • I’ve been raiding 3-days a week since the start of WotLK. I do progression content in 25-man and 10-man and I like to do old raids for fun and generally only do heroics when I need to grind points.

If PvP, what type of PvP? [Arenas, BGs, Rated BGs]

  • I do Arenas (trying to get high rating but struggling), random battlegrounds and rated battlegrounds with my guild.

What are your biggest quality-of-life issues? For instance, no longer requiring ammo could be considered a quality-of-life improvement for hunters.

  • Trap Launcher is clunky. The most efficient way of using it at the moment is to have a macro for each trap to set up a cast sequence to first activate Trap Launcher and then use the trap needed and then ofc to target the trap and cast it. This macro has to be pressed twice to work and then you spend time on actually targeting where the trap should be.If we could have traps just work as the old “Freezing Arrow” instead it would make everything a lot easier, faster and less clunky.
  • Pets spawning with ~6k health and getting one-shotted by a nearby mob, boss ability, AOE, enemy player, etc.
    I realize that they spawn with such low health cause they haven’t synched up with the health from all my gear, level, etc. But couldn’t they just spawn with a safe 100k baseline hp instead so they could survive a first hit by random damage before they get their proper health?

What makes playing your class more fun?

  • Being able to deal damage on the move. It just adds a sense of excitement to any raid or battleground. Any raid encounter that forces me to pay attention and move a lot means more fun to be had. 🙂
  • Successfully using all my survival cds, kiting abilities, cc abilities, etc, to get away from another player and kill them from a distance. I suspect this is mostly so satisfying cause it very, very rarely happens.

What makes playing your class less fun?

  • The deadzone in PvE – In tier 11, a lot of boss encounters had removed deadzones on bosses to ensure hunters wouldn’t have to be a burden on their raid team when everyone was forced to stack up, etc. But now in t12 raiding content this is no longer the case. Encounters that could really benefit from removing of the deadzone (Bethi’lac for phase 2, Baleroc in 10-man when hunters will have to go in melee, Rhyolith and his legs) still have it and any adds in any encounter will still have a deadzone which just makes the whole system feel clunky and counter-intuitive. It should either be NO deadzone or ALWAYS a deadzone, otherwise it just makes no sense.
  • The deadzone in PvP – The balancing act of “get away” cds and “get to” cds between different classes feels favored towards the classes with “get to” cds. In any 1on1 situations when you aren’t able to utilize all your cds to get away, you will most likely die.
  • When feign death doesn’t save me from dying when a raid group is wiping. The problem is that you will still be targeted by boss abilities during feign death and therefore you will almost always get targetted by some “cast on target” attack by the boss and end up dead anyway. And then not able to mass resurrect your friends. This just feels down-right UN-HUNTERY. To make it worse, mages always manage to survive using Invisibility. :/

How do you feel about your “rotation”? (Rotation is the accepted order in which abilities are used to maximum efficiency.)

  • Marksman (PvE) – The usage of casted Aimed Shot feels clunky. While it is fun to try and manage casting that long cast and managing the uptime of Improved Steady Show at the same time, it just feels like something isn’t right. It breaks Auto Shot and it can’t be used on the move with Aspect of the Fox.
  • Marksman (PvP) – In PvP it feels a lot like you have a “big boom” button with Chimera Shot and a really nice finisher with glyphed Kill Shot (making it double), but everything in between just feels pointless and weak. Steady Shot and Arcane Shot doesn’t appear to make a dent most of the time and there’s no point in using Serpent Sting because then you are disabling yourself from CCing that target in the future if needed.
  • Survival (PvE)– Very rigid and uneventful rotation. Yes you have Explosive Shot in there but it’s very predictable and you react to it the same way every time. It’s a bit boring perhaps but it’s also nice to have an “easier” spec to pick if you’re in that kind of mood.I also love the AOE with the spreading of the Serpent Sting dot, that is glorious.
  • Beast Mastery (PvE)– Incredibly spammy, but also fun because it feels like you’re doing “more” than everyone else. Managing optimal Bestial Wrath usage makes the spec interesting and I would play the spec a lot more often, if it wasn’t for this problem with Kill Command…Kill Command doesn’t work when the pet isn’t near the target, this is so incredibly frustrating I cannot find words to describe. It seems like almost any encounter there is some reason for your pet to run around the place and not have your Kill Commands go off, messing up your rotation.

    Wouldn’t it be possible to have Kill Command “queue” up when the pet isn’t near a target? Or at least if the pet was sort of near a target but not just in melee right that second?

What’s on your wish list for your class?

  • Reworking Camoflauge (in PvP, in PvE it’s fine)! Currently it does not hide the hunter on the move, it instead makes the hunter extra noticeable by making him or her bright, sparkly and shiny… If used when standing still you still do not recieve the desired effect. You become “a hunter who just disappeared… Aha! He must be standing still in camo. I’ll go over there and be in melee with him”. I have never been able to use camouflage as a way to hide from an enemy, only as a tool to draw attention to myself, away from tanks or healers in PvP.Basically I just wish camouflage would actually camouflage me. I’d also really like it if it did combo with some other ability so it was useful in raids, but that’s not really nearly as important as just making it function as intended.
  • I wish hunters didn’t use big two-handed staves.They are meant for druids and tend to look wrong on a hunter for the most part. What would make sense to me would be to scrap the current weapon set up for hunters and change it to:Ranged weapon (instead of the main hand) – Dagger (off hand) – Pet collar (essentialy, a “relic” slot)

    (And yes I know we can equip dual daggers, but doing so means about 20% less stats and therefor isn’t really an option for any serious PvEr/PvPer)

  • Displaying ranged weapons on the character model instead of the big staff/polearm. If we had daggers instead then ofc those could be displayed at the same time.

What spells do you use the least?

  • Counterattack – literally never used it since I started playing.
  • Immolation Trap – used maybe twice in 2.5 years
  • Beast Lore – it’s nice that it’s there but never really found the need to use it.
  • Wing Clip – unfortunately since it only slows enemies by 50% it really has no use in PvP anymore. You will always have your enemy slowed by 50% with your Chimera Shot and your enemy will have you slowed by 50% or more since he/she is already in melee. So slowing the enemy to 50% when they are in melee does not mean you can get away. If this ability stunned for 2 seconds and then caused the target to be slowed by 75%, gradually speeding up to 0%, then the ability would make more thematic sense (“Wing Clip”) and would actually be useful.
  • Scare Beast – exclusively used for fearing feral druids in PvP. Seems a bit too specialized for an ability.

If you’d like to contribute by filling out your own form, go to the US or EU thread for hunter feedback.



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4 Responses to Hunter Feedback to Blizzard

  1. Zinn says:

    Really interesting to read some hunter feed back, I always try to keep somewhat up to date with hunterism, and texts like these definitely help. There aren’t that many active hunter bloggers out there :/ Or at least I haven’t found them!

    I definitely agree with you on the twohander thingy, I’ve always wanted hunters to prefer using daggers instead, it seems so much more suitable. Showing ranged wep instead of the twohander also makes more sense.

  2. Safari says:

    Wow I love the idea of displaying the bow on your back and getting rid of staffs. The deadzone has been a pain in the butt in PVE like you said.

    One thing I wrote is another role. I think hunters should have melee DPS spec as well. Based on fast quick attacks of course.

  3. Gavendo says:

    I remember when leveling that I always grabbed daggers as melee weapons, it just seemed to be the most intuitive choice. It was first when I got to level 80 and learned what was optimal for my class that I switched to a two-hander, and ever since then I’ve always had a bit of a distaste for these druidy staves on my hunter… Just feels wrong.

    @Safari: That would be interesting, it would also fit with Beast Mastery since it’s already 50% melee, 50% ranged. But then again having a class that’s half melee and half ranged is also very interesting isn’t it?


  4. Kyle says:

    if hunters used daggers though you would never hear the end of the hunter stealing rogue weapons because honestly right now who uses daggers with agility except rogues?

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