Fixing the Lava Bolt Crossbow

If you are a hunter and you have been raiding Firelands since patch 4.2 arrived, chances are you could’ve come across this weapon; the Lava Bolt Crossbow. If you have, congratulations on your new crossbow! You will most likely keep this odd looking hammer-styled crossbow until you can get the beautiful bow off Ragnaros (Yes I am a sucker for bows… we all have our vanities!).

This crossbow is excellent for us in terms of stats, plenty of Agility, Crit, Haste and what have you to please any hunter.

However, there is one problem… It sounds like a gun! This is because the weapon was originally intended to be the Lava Bolt Blunderbuss (a gun) but was changed last minute to a crossbow since there was a lack of artwork for it (theorized to be the reason anyway). But when they made the last minute change, they forgot to change the sound for it back to a regular bow/crossbow sound. So now you have to deal with the horrible noise of a gun when using your hammer-time crossbow.

And unfortunately, according to Blizzard, this requires a client-side fix which means you probably won’t see a fix until patch 4.3 or if they make a small patch 4.2a. You could quite possibly have this gun sound problem on your hands for months!

How to fix

Never fear! A fix is here!

Get this “addon” from Curse to replace gun sounds with bow/crossbow sounds. This will also replace all other gun noises to bow noises, but I see this as an added bonus rather than a negative thing.

Basically you get a .zip file with a “Sound” folder in it. Place this “Sound” folder in the “World of Warcraft\Data\” folder and you will be good to go!



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I write a World of Warcraft blog called "Rapid Fire" on the topics; hunters, pets and achievement hunting.
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6 Responses to Fixing the Lava Bolt Crossbow

  1. Safari says:

    Or if you still want to tell the difference between guns I really like the “Gun Silencer” addon from Curse.

  2. Inzy says:

    Since I hate the gun sound, I have been using the “silencer” mod from curse:
    – of course that was until I Rags dropped his bow this week. :o)
    I also prefer Bows over anything else.

  3. Lightvision says:

    Do those silencers also work for healers standing nearby hunters? Cause that sooo annoying indeed!

    • Gavendo says:

      These are client-side fixes. So if I install it here it only affects what I hear. But, this also means that you can get rid of the gun sound altogether if you use one of the silencer mods. It doesn’t matter how much Grimar feels he has to use a gun, you will hear a bow! 🙂

  4. eidotrope says:

    I think the problem is not that it sounds like a gun but that the rest of it is a crossbow.

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