PvP hater goes PvP

I’ve played this game since late 2008 and already from the start I had a big distaste for PvP. I did not like it at all. Not during leveling, not at max level, not with full set of gear and proper spec or heroic mode PvE gear to just burst people down like crazy. Nope, did not like it.

I didn’t like PvP because:

  • Classes/specs are not balanced for 1v1 combat – This means you always have the upper hand on some people and others always have the upper hand on you. Which reduces the glory when you win and makes each defeat just feel pointless and annoying.
    For me this just made the whole act of PvP feel a bit like “Rocks, Papers, Scissors, Lizard, Spock“, without the ability to change your hand.
  • Gear makes a big difference – If you don’t have a full set of Resilience gear and you face someone who does, and you are both equally skilled, then the other person should always win.
  • People in random battlegrounds are complete asshats – I don’t feel I need to overexplain this one, you know it’s true!

It became a running joke in the guild, “omg Gav, why don’t you PvP? Hunters are awesome in PvP!” (pretty much never said by a hunter, only by people who got killed by hunters). Eventually it just became part of my personality and I just fueled on the hatred for PvP by trying it out now and then, expecting things to go a certain way and then not seeing those expectations met and raging.

The reason for going PvP

This went on for a long time, just getting worse and worse. Until eventually, just month or two ago I completely turned around and now I love the PvP madness! What, why? Why would I, such a total PvP hater start enjoying PvP all of the sudden?

Well, to be honest. It was only about achievements at first. I had completed nearly 100% of the achievements in every other category and the PvP category just stared at me with it’s 30% completion. This could not go on! I started doing some quick easy achievements and went strictly for them, trying to PvP as little as possible. Eventually I had to actually participate to gain more achievements though, so I started attacking people and tried to make a difference even though I knew it was a lost cause… I learned I could kill certain classes, but not others. I had no chance against warriors or DKs. Rogues? Maybe, if they didn’t stun-lock me down first. Casters went down easily however. Slowly over time I became better, better at killing people and better at kiting them. But I still had no chance against those frustrating warriors.

Then I saw this:

Taken from Tapington – 1v1 Guide – Warrior on WHU

And that really brought it home to me, even the class that I felt was the absolutely most frustrating to face and could never kill – I was supposed to be able to kill in a 1v1 situation, every time! This totally changed my perception of PvP. What I had believed to be set in stone, was in fact, not. I had just been a big scrub! Thank you Tapington, for making this game much more enjoyable for me!

The goal

Since I started a few months ago I’ve been furiously doing random battlegrounds, some rated battlegrounds with the guildies and even some 2v2 arena with some very tolerant guildies (I say tolerant cause it usually doesn’t end well). I’ve earned all but 8 achievements needed for Battlemaster (5 of those being 100 wins for each BG) and learned a whole lot. Instead of treating each loss as an annoyance and frustration I now treat it as a learning experience. I ask myself what I/we could’ve done to change the outcome in our favor instead of QQing or raging.

I started with the PvPing very late in this season so I’m not gonna get any title or achievement this time around but a new season is right around the corner and this time… I’m ready for it. I want the challenge! BRING. IT.

… Oh yeah, and achievements please?

Random factoid

My very long and cumbersome post about items with on-use abilities from classic World of Warcraft has been updated to be accurate with Cataclysm content.

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I write a World of Warcraft blog called "Rapid Fire" on the topics; hunters, pets and achievement hunting.
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  1. Lightvision says:

    Thats one skilled hunter in that vid!

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