Distractions & Magmaw heroic hunter kiting

I’ve been slow to update the blog lately and for that I can only blame the entire world, for being too interesting and full of activity! …No, not really. I’ve just been busy with work and WoW for the most part. But, point is, I haven’t been updating the blog and here’s the remedy for that.

I give you:

What? That wasn’t good enough? Oh ok, sorry about.

Magmaw heroic – Hunter kiting

Recently our guild managed to take down our second heroic boss. I imagine you think the boss was Chimaeron, after Halfus? Nope. It was Magmaw. And I put together a video showing how well a hunter in survival specc can kite the worms and for the most part totally handle them yourself.

We tried having our mage kiting the worms the first few nights and although that worked really well, the adds didn’t go down as fast as with a survival hunter on it.

As a survival hunter you have massive AOE damage, especially on targets you can AOE yourself since you can have your dots ticking on the adds for a long time. As survival you also have extra slowing ability via the Entrapment talent.

So, a quick how to: Put down an Ice Trap and Explosive Trap for each pack of spawning worms and quickly aggro them with Multi-Shot. Then continuously spam Multi-Shot with Cobra Shots inbetween to increase your focus. Try to switch to Aspect of the Fox when you’re regenerating focus with Cobra Shot (so you can move) and to always have Aspect of the Hawk up for Multi-Shot to maximize the damage.

Make sure you know the timing of when worms or a big add spawns since you might lose your trap cooldown on a big add if you aren’t careful. The first spawn will be a big add and after that a pack of worms. These two will alternate throughout the encounter but during Exposed Head phases you will probably only see big adds spawning, several in a row. So that’s where you can mess up.

Good luck! 🙂

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3 Responses to Distractions & Magmaw heroic hunter kiting

  1. Doubleonad says:

    I also used to do this as Marksman. Concussive barrage makes up for the damage you would otherwise have if you are Survival. I combined that with Rapid Recuperation and one point in Rapid Killing, and I was able to spam multi-shot almost non-stop.

    I do it as Survival now because my 10-man raid needs the Hunting Party buff, but either spec can easily handle it.

  2. Lightvision says:

    That.. Ogre movie.. was.. Brilliant!

  3. The Ancient says:

    The Ogre movie was SO good enough, I have got to make another suit.

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