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Patch 4.2 Hunter changes

Patch 4.2 now just hit servers in the US and thusly we in the EU can expect to be downloading the patch tomorrow and hopefully raiding Firelands already by nighttime (most likely though things will go wrong, as usual – … Continue reading

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PvP hater goes PvP

I’ve played this game since late 2008 and already from the start I had a big distaste for PvP. I did not like it at all. Not during leveling, not at max level, not with full set of gear and … Continue reading

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Distractions & Magmaw heroic hunter kiting

I’ve been slow to update the blog lately and for that I can only blame the entire world, for being too interesting and full of activity! …No, not really. I’ve just been busy with work and WoW for the most … Continue reading

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