Patch 4.1 impressions: Dalaran is my new home

It’s now been a few days since patch 4.1 hit European servers and since then I haven’t said a peep. This is because I have been too busy enjoying myself lately, just before the patch I went off on a achievement-grinding tear and from last weekend to this weekend I’ve earned something like 27 new achievements. Finally got over 12 000!

Anyway, enough of me tooting my own horn. How about some news?

The Hunter changes in patch 4.1

Time to party with AOE

The first thing I tried when logging in after the patch was AOEing. I tried all the different speccs and I have to say I’m impressed with the balancing they’ve done. All three speccs are now very close in terms of AOE dps. SV remains the best and MM is second best but BM delivers some serious numbers as well. All speccs should be considered viable for any AOE encounter.

So what does this mean for you as a raiding hunter? Well first off it means that you don’t have to have an SV offspec if you want to bring some serious AOE destruction to certain encounters. And secondly it means you have a new minimum amount of targets where AOE becomes beneficial. From my initial testing it seemed like already at three targets it becomes more beneficial to AOE than to use single target, and this is for all speccs.

Pet changes

Now in patch 4.1, pets level up to level 85 instantly when you tame then and they level up to your level when you level up as well. And even stabled pets from before patch 4.1 will level up to your level when bringing them out of the stables. Check this out:

From level 82 to...

Level 85! in a second!

Never again do we have to level our pets. And never again do we have to press Mend Pet once in a while to make sure our pets don’t drop below 100% happiness. I can’t help but feel a little bit sad about it now that it is reality but I guess it is for the best. Leaves more time for other stuff, you know… important stuff… like achievements!

Unfortunately it seems most pet bugs are still prevalent, despite having reported them many times. I guess they are low priority on the bug tracker. I will go through all the pets again soon to update my pet bugs list.

Glyph of Lesser Proportions, slightly less fun than I had imagined... :/

Both OutDPS and Scattered Shots have also given their thoughts on how hunters have changed in patch 4.1. And Frostheim adds that we might be seeing more hydra pets in the future

General changes in patch 4.1

Have you had the problems of nameplates looking especially horrible since patch 4.0.1? Are they piling up like a rising Eiffel tower? Would you rather have these nameplates overlap? Well, look no further! Here’s how you fix it:

Before this patch you had to type in some slash-command to get overlapping nameplates to work and if you had set it up that way, that setting will have gotten lost. But now it’s easy to set it up as you like without messing around with command line variables.

A warning to Engineers

Nitro boost have been redesigned to be worse than ever. Now when failing the boost will no longer shoot you really far up in the air and give you a slow descent or a comical splat. This failure you survived most of the time, while it did annoy the healers slightly since you went far out of range, you usually wouldn’t die.

But now it has been redesigned to be completely unusable for when you want it. If you are in a raid, dungeon or battleground the failure will instead be “a ticking dot that takes away 80% of your health”. This will almost surely lead to death in a situation when you really do need to move fast. So, we say goodbye to the best and most fun enchant there ever was in the game. Rest in peace, Nitro boost… *sheds manly tear*.

And now, I will urge you to change your belt enchant to something else. You probably want to skip over Grounded Plasma Shield (defensive cooldown) since it can backfire and just kill you instead and also skip over Invisibility Field since it’s basically just a worse version of Camouflage. That leaves; Cardboard Assassin, which taunts nearby mobs to it and survives two-three hits, giving you a few seconds to run to safety. This tinker works fine on any tauntable adds during raid encounters or trash packs in raids and/or dungeons. It doesn’t work on bosses however.

Dalaran is my new home

Why? This is why:

Patch 4.1 shall forever be known as the patch that resurrected the beloved portals of Dalaran. Well, only the ones to Stormwind and Orgrimmar, none of the others. But this is plenty for me. I’ve basically done all I can do in Stormwind already and have no need to afk there specifically. I’d much rather spend my afk/chatting-time in Dalaran, where the music is much more to my taste and the scenery brings back memories of glory.

And of course, the Stormwind/Orgrimmar portals in Shattrath are back as well. I just never played during Burning Crusade so the place doesn’t sit fondly in my heart. I imagine a lot of other players would rather have Shattrath as their home instead though.


Hunter Tier 12

Thank you Blizzard! No more murloc-dress-up-party for us hunters. Instead we will be… ehm… fire-moose-ninjas?

Hunter hotfixes for April 27 – 29 (Source)

  • Marked for Death is now applied properly to the target of Arcane Shot or Chimera Shot, allowing for focus macros (i.e. /cast [@focus] Chimera Shot) to apply Marked for Death to the focused target and not the primary target.
  • The Recluse Hatchling can correctly be targeted, attacked, and killed by players and NPCs after being tamed.
  • Serpent Spread was only affecting targets closer than 38 yards to the hunter. It now affects all targets hit by Multi-Shot.
  • Some interrupts were still incorrectly missing targets. Wind Shear, Spell Lock, Counterspell, Mind Freeze, and hunter pet abilities Nether Shock and Serenity Dust should no longer miss.
  • Characters who mount up with a pet bar active should no longer lose control of the pet if they dismount while under the effects of any crowd control.

Firelands Previews

Just in case you missed it…





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4 Responses to Patch 4.1 impressions: Dalaran is my new home

  1. Zinn says:

    Haha, fire-moose ninjas. Nearly made me choke on my morning tea. I really liked the t11 looks, it was fittingly crazy 😉 I’m glad they’ve balanced the aoes too, it was always somewhat sad to have to tell the hunter that “no, you can’t be mm, we need a surv”. I suppose if there still is a marginal difference, “hardcore” people will still force hunters to go surv 😛

  2. DoubleOnad says:

    As far as I can tell, the Hyena Tendon Rip bug is fixed.

  3. Top Rosters says:

    Hi Gav. Think I am being completely blind but I cannot find an email ad on the site. Do you have one? I have a blogging opportunity that I would love to discuss with you. It would be great if you could email me at mail[at]toprosters[dot]com. Thanks.

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