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R.I.P. Keys

Today Blizzard announced that in patch 4.2 you will no longer have a keyring next to your bags. This is the final nail in the coffin of previously beloved and hated feature known as attunements. Blizzard also hints that something … Continue reading

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Much ado about chucking woodland critters

Darkbrew of the Brew Hall brings us the news of a new scope enchant for our ranged weapons, found on the PTR. It’s called Flintlocke’s Woodchucker and here’s what it does: Use: Attaches a permanent device to a bow or … Continue reading

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Hunter bugs in 4.1 and the fundamental change to CC

The “fast patch” patch 4.10a was applied to realms today. This fixed several more serious client-side problems that caused disconnections, crashes or other problems that just meant you weren’t gonna able to play. For a full list of the fixes, … Continue reading

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Patch 4.1 impressions: Dalaran is my new home

It’s now been a few days since patch 4.1 hit European servers and since then I haven’t said a peep. This is because I have been too busy enjoying myself lately, just before the patch I went off on a … Continue reading

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