March 14 -18 PTR updates

There have been several news tidbits this last week that I wanted to comment on or emphasize but I just couldn’t fit in my day to update the blog (having a job certainly affects your blog productivity rate). So instead here follows a collection of the interesting news from this past week in one post with commentary. First up is the hunter news of course!

Hunter changes

Wowhead datamined some interesting pet-related hunter changes on march 16. For some reason these changes were glanced over on other sites so I’ll comment on them here.

  • Feed Pet now instantly restoring 50% of its total health. Cannot be used while in combat.

The wording of this spell has changed to not include anything about the level of the food or the type of food your pet would like. From reading this new tooltip it seems like we can feed any pet anything, from any level range and get the same result. Seems a bit odd to be honest. I wonder if they’re done with this one yet…

Yay? I’m guessing this makes some sort of difference, but it doesn’t really seem like it. It certainly doesn’t hurt however. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Bloodthirsty: Your pet’s attacks have a 10% 20% chance to increase its happiness by 5% and to heal 5% of its total health.

The change to this talent is that the wording of Rank 1 is exactly the same as the wording of Rank 2. This suggests that Rank 2 will be removed which will leave up another point in the talent tree for our pets. Wicked!

  • Glyph of Mend Pet is now Glyph of Lesser Proportion which reduces the size of the pet slightly.

The glyph of Greater Proportion has now been changed to glyph of Lesser Proportion so you can change your pet to look smaller. Personally I was more of a fan of the big-pet glyph than this one. Ideally they would give us both so we could choose ourselves.

Ask the Devs #1

The first developer Q&A had two hunter related questions. The first one basically just acknowledged that hunters (along with boomkins) are terrible in arenas but worthwhile in battlegrounds. The second one is slightly more interesting:

Q: What do the developers think of the current state of hunters? (PVP balance) โ€“ Albevil (Europe [Spanish])
A: Hunters are good for very skilled players and particularly in Rated Battlegrounds. Our challenge has always been to make the class a little more forgiving to play in PvP at the medium level without making them unbeatable in the hands of a truly talented player. We think the recent changes, such as Auto Shot on the move and allowing Deterrence to prevent attacks that typically always hit, will help bridge that gap. Weโ€™re starting to discuss more whether hunters need the opportunity to do some damage in melee range instead of always focusing on escape. While the hunter is ultimately a ranged class, it is true that other casters can make the decision to keep casting while in melee range, even if they suffer consequences for doing so.

Essentially they are saying that if you’re not doing well in battlegrounds as a hunter, it’s probably because you are bad. I’ll take that to heart since I tend to suck at PvP in general… having said that, I’ve been doing pretty good in the occasional Tol Barad battles recently as BM. hm…

No more daily heroic

MMO-Champion posted this picture on friday:

This is something Blizzard was talking about last BlizzCon which they hoped would make it to Cataclysm. It didn’t make to release but patch 4.1 is as close to it as you could get. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m very happy for this change cause my current work situation doesn’t allow me to do a daily heroic on all my characters due to time constraints. But if I could do them all on the weekend then that would be an entirely different situation and my poor resto/boomkin druid would turn into a 346-geared hardcore dungeoneer in a second!

I wonder though what effects this change might have on the dungeon queues. If everyone likes to get their dungeons done on the weekend how will that affect those who queue up in the middle of the week? If people start doing 3-7 dungeons in a row every time when they do dungeons, won’t they just go with their guildies? Somehow I think the queue times for random dungeons will go up after this…

You can read more about this change on the blue tracker.

Engineering nerf

The hotfixes applied on march 16 brought along several nerfs to heroic raid encounters that will probably be very welcome in most heroic progression guilds (very few guilds are further in the tier than 4-6 bosses down on heroic). But the hotfixes also included this very sad news:

The first one means I really don’t want to enter a rated battleground ever… I mean, come on! The only reason to ever get into a battleground is to enjoy rocket-parachuting across the entire map to avoid some bullshit gankfest or to tag a different base. If I can’t heroically leap through the air while comboing all my Engineering items and racials I’ll be very annoyed. I bet most people are with me on that, right? Why do you guys PvP? To kill people or to enjoy our engineering toys? I think we all know the answer to that question.

Engineering rocks.

The second change, just like the first one, doesn’t affect me personally at all. But it looks like a horrible step in the wrong direction. Why are Blizzard actively preventing people from stacking cooldowns? The only reason I can think of would be PvP balancing and that’s not a reason I like to think of… Yet again PvP balance screws with PvE balance.

Interesting reading

… This bit is getting longer every time :p



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