Build 13707 – Happy AOE times

Wowhead posted some new datamined information from the PTR today. It included lots of class tweaks, but only one for hunters… and it’s a good one.

Hunter-specific changes

Update (2011/03/04): This has now also been confirmed by Blizzard in the official patch notes: “Multi-Shot damage has been increased by 250%.” (Source)

  • Multi-Shot: Fires several missiles, hitting your current target and all enemies within 8 yards of that target for 118% of weapon damage, up from 55%.

Blizzard previously mentioned that they wanted to balance the AOE dps the different classes and speccs do because currently on live realms the difference between the worst AOE and the best AOE is astronomical.

By buffing up Multi-Shot and (I’m guessing) nerfing Serpent Spread they’ll be able to achieve a more consistent AOE dps number for all hunter speccs rather than the way it is now with Survival providing fantastic AOE dps and Beast Mastery and Marksman just looking sad and possibly even crying in the corner during AOE encounters.

Good change!

New pet

No real comment here, just wanted it to be noted cause snails are cool! 😮



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8 Responses to Build 13707 – Happy AOE times

  1. Zinn says:

    Haha, I had missed the Little Snail. Snails are awesome, I think that will end up on my “must have”-list.

  2. Ominous says:

    Has anyone developed a reasonable macro for multi-shot? The best / only one I have seen is at tkasomething:

    • Gavendo says:

      A macro? Why would you want a macro?

      EDIT: Just checked the link! I’m gathering you want one button you can spam while you AOE instead of weaving in steady/cobra shots in between multi-shots.
      If this is what you want then no there is no perfect macro since focus regeneration isn’t constant, it varies. So any macro you make will never fit the situation perfectly.

      The best thing to do is have a focus bar somewhere close to the center of your screen so you always know what your focus is and then weave in steady/cobra shots when necessary.


      • Ominous says:

        I suppose NeedToKnow is the thing to have. I’ll be getting on that, soon.
        I’m not looking for the perfect Multi-shot macro. I’m more looking for ideas of what folks use or think would work best – so that I can look at / study them and perhaps come up with a variant of my own.

  3. Anna says:

    Well that sucks to be honest. I am survival and I am behind mm on single target fights. It’s only fair that I am ahead on aoe fights. The only thing that will happen now is that mm will be OP in all areas. Dont like. 😦

    • Gavendo says:

      Keep in mind, the MM rotation is also very difficult to maintain. On a lot of encounters where you need to move or switch targets, MM will be at a big disadvantage and SV should come out on top.

      MM has the highest theoretical damage but are also the least likely to obtain that damage. SV and BMs rotations have less pitfalls and will generally be beating MM.

      And just for funsies, here’s where the speccs are right now (my gear):

      BM 25041
      MM 26424
      SV 24254

      Not that far apart!


  4. Anna says:

    Yeah, true. Also, skill is important. I do more dps as survival simply because I could play blindfolded. When I switch to MM or BM I struggle more, especially if I have to be aware of all the boss abilities etc.
    Survival is very nice on halfus hm – lots of aoe at the beginning, leaving me at over 40k dps when fight is over.

    • Gavendo says:

      All it takes is practice, if spend a few hours on a target dummy just repeating your rotation… it’ll eventually become muscle memory. This will work fine for BM which basically has the same rotation most of the time and the only thing you need to react to is the Bestial Wrath cooldown which means you just remove Cobra Shot from your rotation and spam Kill Command -> Arcane Shot as much as possible.

      Will be trickier for MM though, but same principles applies.. practice makes perfect! 🙂

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