Raiding Aimed Shot Style

The last few days I’ve had a terrible fever which has been quite annoying and at times worrying. It did give me a chance to re-watch the first two seasons of Star Trek: Voyager though and that is definitely a positive thing.

Besides being ill I’ve also managed to raid two nights since last time I wrote about huntery goodness. I raided Bastion of Twilight and Blackwing Descent where I managed to get ranked on World of Logs every time I didn’t die basically. I even managed to get ranked on Ascendant Council, even though I did die. Now, what does this tell us? That I am completely fantastically awesome and infallible in every way? No… It tells us that there’s only a very small sample of Marksman logs out there since before patch 4.0.6 the only Hunter spec allowed was Survival.

For those interested here are two logs which still count as ranked:

As you can see, Aimed Shot is doing most of the damage. I am using it as a focus dump and during Rapid Fire or Heroism I try to spam it as much as possible. When it crits it does crazy damage and it is really quite awesome. But it also has a lot of downsides which I have mentioned before, such as losing out on your Auto Shots during casting it and not being able to cast it on the move even if you go into Aspect of the Fox.

So even though it is awesome to hit bosses in the face with massively awesome crits, not being able to move is really quite boring and makes me feel like I’m playing a mage rather than a hunter. Which is why this blue post makes me happy:

We are also looking at nerfing Aimed Shot, but compensating hunters through Aspect of the Hawk.

This could have the potential for making “Aspect dancing” more important and more a core part of hunter gameplay. As it is now, Aspect of the Hawk provides so little extra dps that if you think you might be moving within the next minute or so then you should probably be in Fox instead.

I do hope they take it gently with Aimed Shot though. I’d really like it to be all of the following:

  • A good opener during leveling and PvP
  • A hard-hitter that generates yelps of awesome when it proccs
  • Not a better focus dump than Arcane Shot

And I just don’t really see that happening at the moment… Call me pessimistic but I think we might be going back to the wet noodle Aimed Shot. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

State of dps

How has the state of dps been affected by the patch? Well, there’s no point in going to to find out because they have no idea. Read this (Source):

I’ve had a few requests to filter only 4.0.6 data, or at least have an option for it under settings. After spending the day attempting to make this happen, I’ve come to the conclusion that with the way I’m collecting the data, and the model that World of Logs uses to store and display it’s date, it is currently impossible to get any truly accurate results.

The main issue stems from the fact that World of Logs does not have a cutoff date in it’s top 200. It’s the top 200 from forever and ever, and that includes pre-nerfs/buffs. Nerfed classes are going to struggle to top their old DPS parses, thus their numbers remain static when looking at those lists. Buffed classes quickly replace their old parses, making the exclusion of pre-patch data useless after a week or two, as the parses are all from the new patch by then. The nature of our data source is simply broken, and thus makes it so we cannot get the data we’re looking for.

I’m formulating a new plan to hopefully alleviate this issue for future patches. It is a whole new way for obtaining data from WoL, and it might just not work for what I’m doing here. Hopefully though, I’ll have an answer for that within a week or two, after I begin capturing the data in the new format. Stay tuned.

To be honest, the problem here is with World of Logs rather than State of Dps but it’s interesting to see that Sepa thinks he might be able to solve it. I wish him good luck.

Loronar of 35 Yards Out uses Raidbots instead to try to get some tangible data for comparing the state of dps between hunters. I took a look at raidbots myself as well and I found it very strange to see that Survival was still on top, this has not been the case in the raids I’ve been in and current theorycrafting disagrees that this should be the case.

Taking a closer look at Chimaeron (the closest thing we get to Patchwerk in this tier) we can see that even here in this single target situation Survival remains on top, on an average… and here’s the key. When it comes to maximum dps possible, Marksman is on top here but it drops down a lot because the lowest dps is much much lower compared to Survival where the maximum and lowest dps are a lot closer to each other. From this we can draw the conclusions that a lot of people aren’t used to playing Marksman yet or are just using the wrong rotation.

To sum up it seems that Survival remains on top in certain encounters that require target switching or AOE and that Marksman has the highest possible singletarget dps but most people struggle to achieve it.



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I write a World of Warcraft blog called "Rapid Fire" on the topics; hunters, pets and achievement hunting.
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3 Responses to Raiding Aimed Shot Style

  1. Wolflore says:

    I am in the struggles to achieve it category. I did ok in some fight and generally was able to keep up with SV hunters in the raid but I think it is just not worth it given that the rotation really grounds you. During artramedes I was killed 3 times due to having reaching 100 sound, something that I never had problems with in the past. Then the rotation is completely unforgiving wheras SV is still quite fluid and if you do one shot ahead of the other for once is not going to kill your dps.
    I am starting to think that it is better to stay BM and SV I use BM in fights where I raelly strugle with survivability (which is only Theraliona so far). But I must say that MM sure is fun in pvp doing an aimed shot out of cammo and seeing a poor clothies HP drop from full to 50% is nice.

  2. Zinn says:

    ❤ Voyager.

    Doesn't stateofdps have a "last 2 weeks" column? I would hope that grabs parses from the last 2 weeks, but looking at it it still looks like old data partially. Disc has jumped up alot on the list though. Has only been 1 week of 4.0.6 on the other hand…

    • Gavendo says:

      Here’s the problem, “Last 2 weeks” includes all the entries prior to the last two weeks as well as long as they managed to get into the top 200. What I’m saying is World of Logs have no means of separating data by time which causes problems like this.

      SV is OP all throughout 4.0.3 -> patch 4.0.6 hits wherein SV gets nerfed -> No SV player anywhere is capable of getting ranked on the encounters in this tier again.

      I’ve always thought this has been a nasty flaw with WoL but I always sort of thought they would develop a fix for it… :/


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