Hunter hotfixes for Feb 11

Blizzard rolled out another batch of hotfixes today which apparently they had time for even though they were busy giving us news about the upcoming patch 1.10. Surprisingly there was no change to Aimed Shot this with this hotfix, there was however a reversal of one of the big changes for hunter PvP in patch 4.0.6…

From The Official WoW blog (Source):

  • Auto Shot was not firing while the hunter was moving under certain conditions. Auto Shot should now always function correctly while the hunter is moving.
  • Having a melee weapon equipped no longer causes the tooltips for Cobra Shot and Steady Shot to incorrectly display extra benefit from haste.
  • The cooldown for Master’s Call has been increased to 45 seconds, up from 35. In addition, it can now be dispelled.
  • The Warp Stalker ability Time Warp can no longer be used on paladins with the Divine Shield buff active.

Auto Shot fix? Good stuff! I hadn’t experienced the bug myself but I’m sure they’re right about it and I’m happy to see it fixed… even though I didn’t know it was there to begin with. 🙂

Master’s Call goes back up by 10 seconds, this seems odd to me since they lowered it from 1 minute to 35 seconds with patch 4.0.6. Did this cause hunters to be crazily overpowered in the last few days or something? I guess it must have since they felt we needed 10 more seconds on the cooldown. Either way, I don’t PvP so I can’t really say if it makes any difference or not.

But I think the most important thing to notice here with this batch of hotfixes is that nothing is said at all about Aimed Shot… Some speculate it’ll get nerfed and some speculate Blizzard wants us to “hard cast” it. Either way, we are still in the dark since there’s nothing said on the issue on the forums and no changes in any patch notes as of yet.

Personally I hope they intended it to be part of our rotation, I like it. It makes MM a bit more interesting than the other specs. However I do wish that they would fix all the clunky problems with it, such as it cancelling our auto shots and it not being castable while moving using Aspect of the Fox.

Guide updates

I’m in the process of updating all the Hunter guides on this site and so far I’m done with:

If you find that I missed something out or have blatantly misrepresented some details then do let me know, please try to be gentle though since I am merely a human being and not actually a robot.

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3 Responses to Hunter hotfixes for Feb 11

  1. Danielfboone says:

    They actually didn’t change Master’s call at all. It was working on a 45 second cooldown anyway even though the patch notes and the tooltip said 35. All they did was change what seemed to be a bug into the intended behavior.

  2. Loronar says:

    You may need to update the CC guide a bit. Blizzard has confirmed that Freezing Trap will now only work on one target at a time.

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