First impressions of 4.0.6

Patch 4.0.6 is live in Europe and it has so far caused me to go on a frantic search for a Agile Shadowspirit Diamond. May the grinding jewelcrafters be blessed with luck for this evening so that they can make Agility meta gems for all us hunters, ferals, rogues and enhancement shamans! 🙂

Random thoughts

My first impression is; “aaaaah! where’s my rep!?!”. Check this out:

That’s right, my Ashtongue Deathsworn reputation got reset from Exalted down to 0/3000 Neutral for whatever reason. I’ve made a ticket and I’m currently awaiting a response.

Update: Since I wrote this, a GM has kindly fixed this problem for me, was in the queue for a day and once I got in touch with him or her it was taken care of in 5 min. Much props to the GM team!

There’s a new engineering item available to gnomish engineers only called Gnomish Gravity Well, unfortunately not even gnomish engineers can actually use it… Looks neat though, apart from the fact that it is a trinket.

Marksman time!

I knew Marksman was gonna be the premiere specc for hunter dps in this patch so as soon as I logged in I respecced and changed my glyphs. I glanced over this thread on Elitistjerks quickly and went to try things out on the target dummy. I found that I was able to do ~15k dps with the regular rotation using Chimera -> Steady -> Arcane (on focus capping)  which is a little bit more than what I used to pull on the dummies. But more interestingly I was able to do ~18k with Chimera -> Steady -> Aimed (on focus capping). 😮

These dummy tests were done on the Raiding dummy, attacking from behind to avoid blocked hits and without the use of cooldowns.

I was pulled into Baradin Hold rather quickly after that and I thought for comparison’s sake that I’d log it. So here you have it, the first log after I respecced to Marksman from Survival with only about 15 minutes of practice. 🙂

World of Logs: Baradin Hold 10-man, Argaloth (2011/02/09)

During this encounter we were lacking the all-important (for Marksman) bleed debuff and some other random ones as well. I also managed to switch to Aspect of the Cheetah by mistake for about 5 seconds, etc. All in all, a fairly crummy go in terms of maximizing dps.

I used the new Aimed Shot rotation during the encounter and it introduced me to some of the flaws of this rotation and made me think that Blizzard probably did not intend for this to be happening…

  • Auto Shots aren’t fired during the Aimed Shot cast, unlike during Steady/Cobra Shot and finishing the cast of Aimed Shot actually resets the Auto Shot timer, pushing it back even further.
  • This in turn reduces our Wild Quiver hits and therefor also the value of mastery.
  • You can’t cast Aimed Shot during Aspect of the Fox, which you can with Steady/Cobra Shot. Since you’ll be casting Aimed Shot regularly in your rotation, Aspect of the Fox isn’t doing what it was intended to do anymore.

Also totally unrelated to Aimed Shot discussion, Marksman AOE is still very low and it makes me cry big nerdtears.

Updating guides

A lot of bugs have or have not been fixed, this is especially apparent when it comes to pets. This means I’m gonna go through all the pets again and double-check each and everyone of their abilities, expect to see the pet bugs post updated soonish!

And besides that, expect to see all guides updated eventually.

Blue posts

Apart from the two recent hotfixes batches which you can see here and here (which contained no hunter changes) the forums have been buzzing with blue posts lately, here follows the hunter-related ones.

Haste Issue Causing Ability Errors (Source)

An apparent last-minute bug which was not found on the PTR before the patch was finalized has caused the client and server to disagree on the way haste affects resource generation. This bug will manifest itself in the UI showing a player they have enough resources to use an ability, but the server correctly prevents it as they in fact do not. A death knight for example might see a rune light up that isn’t actually available so when they use the ability, it won’t fire. A rogue may think they have enough energy to use Sinister Strike, but they can’t actually afford it so when they push the button, they will get an error. This bug could affect rogues, death knights, hunters and Feral druids, because these characters all gain more resources from haste. It will also affect buffs that affect attack speed, such as Slice and Dice, Windfury, Icy Talons, and Hunting Party, but also attack speed lowering effects like Thunder Clap. We’re currently working on a fix.

I hope they fix this one real quick cause I have experienced this bug before on my Death Knight and it is really really annoying and counter intuitive. If you’re exposed to it too long you sort of lose your trust in your own instincts in terms of timing of abilities in your rotation.

Update: Seems like they have fixed it by now, check this.

Any News on the Mysterious Haste Buff? (Source)

Any info on the fancy new haste changes that are going to make hunters and warriors unique snowflakes? I assume they’re not hitting in 4.06.

Please, tell me you have the technology!

The haste change appears to be working correctly for Slam. For hunters, it caused a bug where melee weapons with haste appear to cause Cobra Shot to have a faster cast time than it actually has. As far as we can tell, this is just a tooltip bug.

… So in other words, it’s still not anything we should be paying attention to.

Recommended reading


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9 Responses to First impressions of 4.0.6

  1. Loronar says:

    As far as I know, Aimed Shot resetting Auto Shot timer never changed. It’s just because we haven’t used it by hardcasting for such a long time that we assumed Auto Shot not be reset like all other abilities. I’d assume the same goes for Aspect of the Fox.

    • Gavendo says:

      Yeah I’m not saying they have changed. I’m saying they should be changed if this is how they want the rotation to look, cause at the moment it comes off as very clunky and just seems… unfinished, illogical.

  2. Jonker (Zul'jin) says:

    ok, I am at work and all the links in teh article are blocks by IT’s no-fun filter. What was your DPS on the 10 man…What it = to what SV use to be or higher then what is use to be?

    • Gavendo says:

      Unfortunately I have no good logs for comparing the exact same encounter spec vs spec. However I think in general, MM now vs SV back then… is about the same when it comes to single target, better in some situations and worse in others. MM now vs SV now is no contest, MM wins hands down.

      MM aoe now vs SV aoe now is also no contest, even if you talent for it as MM your aoe dps will be very sad and depressing.


  3. Hey, nice article all in all. Though, I think aimed shot is over chimera in the priority list. I’m casting it with 1.9 on raids, and yea its worth using every time you have 3-4 sec left of chimera. Under bl/rf you can basically spam it with 0.7 or 0.9 speed. i’ve written a summary kind of thing about this.. but yea, i love mm much more than i did sv.

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