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Fiery Warhorse’s Reins

I just had to share this picture… 😀 One less mount to do grind on a weekly basis, *scratches Karazhan off the list*. This puts my mount count at 125. I’m ready for a new achievement, Blizzard! Random awesomeness Ragnaros … Continue reading

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First look at the upcoming Patch 4.1

MMO-Champion had a field day yesterday, listing hundreds upon hundreds of changes coming in Cataclysm’s first content patch: Patch 4.1. I’m gonna go through these changes and list all relevant hunter changes and anything else I find interesting here (usually, … Continue reading

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Analysis of the Feb 22 Hunter hotfixes

The Hunter hotfixes that were first announced on February 18th have now gone live and been slightly adjusted. Below follows the new adjusted notes (Source): Aimed Shot damage has been decreased to approximately 160% weapon damage (at level 80+), down … Continue reading

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Addon: NeedToKnow

Today I want to sing praise to an addon that I cannot do without. I use this addon for every single character that I have. It’s most useful for dpsers but also for tanks and even healers if set up … Continue reading

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Aimed Shot nerf and AotH buff

About a week ago the blues let us know that the way Aimed Shot was working now wasn’t intended and that they would fix the situation by nerfing Aimed Shot (Source): We are also looking at nerfing Aimed Shot, but … Continue reading

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