PTR nearing release?

Today MMO-Champion suggests that we’ll be seeing 4.0.6 go live in two weeks time (not the upcoming week) and I am inclined to believe it. The last few PTR updates really have been small and feels a lot like final touches. And then on top of it all, we got this odd update on the official forums:

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm patch 4.0.6 is set to be released on all North American realms today. Below you’ll find the official patch notes. Stay tuned here for an announcement when the patch is live!


… which was removed rather quickly. It’s almost like Blizzard is taunting us!

Anyway, these are the latest changes from the PTR:

Hunter-specific changes (Source)


  • Spore Cloud (Sporebat) now has a 8 sec cooldown, down from 12 sec. Now reduces the casting speed of all enemy targets within 6 yards by 30% for 10 sec, up from 25% for 9 sec.

If you read my post about pet bugs then you know about Sporebats behaving very strangely with their debuff. With this change, Sporebats will be able to keep the debuff up indefinitely as intended.

Other changes of interest (Source)

  • Attacking forces will receive a 200% capture speed bonus when they control 2 keeps.
  • Defending forces will receive a 200% capture speed bonus when they control all 3 keeps.
  • Rare fishing poles now have a chance to be found in the Bag of Fishing Treasures earned via the Stormwind and Orgrimmar Fishing daily quests.
  • Wrath of the Lich King purple, green, and orange gems have been increased in cost to match red, blue, and yellow epic gems (220 Justice Points). Burning Crusade epic gems have been increased in cost to match the most expensive Wrath of the Lich King gems.
  • Normal PvE helms (item level 359) no longer have a chance to drop from Nefarian or Cho’gall on Heroic difficulty. Instead, the Heroic PvE helm and shoulder pieces (item level 372) only require their associated Crown/Shoulders of the Forlorn tokens to purchase, and do not require players to obtain the normal helms or shoulders first.

Several interesting changes here… A well-needed tweak to Tol Barad, hopefully it’ll make attacking slightly less impossible than it currently is.

A reason for doing the Stormwind and Orgrimmar fishing dailies! I’ve been wondering if they weren’t gonna implement something like this soon because once you get to the skill-cap for Fishing there is really no incentive at all to do the fishing daily. Well, that’s not a problem anymore. 🙂

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