Jan 5-6 hotfixes

Blizzard are deploying hotfixes faster than I can report on them, or so it would seem anyway since I haven’t reported on the last two until now. Sorry about that, I’m a bit ill at the moment. But never fear, for the latest hotfix coverage is here!

Hunter-specific fixes

  • Haste buffs no longer reduce the effectiveness of haste on resource regeneration rates (energy, focus, etc.).
  • Hunters can no longer sometimes activate multiple aspects at once through the use of Camouflage. Very sneaky.
  • Several Cataclysm raid bosses are now properly immune to pet provoke abilities.
  • A summoned pet will correctly re-summon when using the Slipstream after Altarius in the Vortex Pinnacle is killed.
  • During the Vanessa VanCleef encounter, players should no longer lose pets when jumping on the rope (they will respawn when the player lands after swinging).
  • The Desert Fox is now flagged “Cannot be tamed” when Beast Lore is cast on the creature.

That haste fix sounds like it might fix the by now well-known problem Frostheim originally reported:

Windfury/Hunting Party buff is not increasing hunter focus regen by 10% (as all other attack speed increases do) but instead is actually reducing our focus regen by 10%

And I for one am very glad to see the multiple-aspect exploit fixed as it was clearly a nasty cheat. Using this exploit removed one of the more compelling parts of hunter gameplay; aspect-dancing. You are supposed to have to make a decision between what aspect to use, using all of them at once isn’t very interesting.

It’s also a huge relief to see the blues actually fixing some of these horrible pet-despawn bugs. I was sort of thinking it was such a low priority that they would never ever get fixed. Besides the two mentioned above I can remember it happening on the elevator in Throne of the Tides, during the Lich King encounter, the start of the Algalon encounter, etc. The list goes on.
And then when you resummon the pets, they’ll come back with 5% hp or whatever it is (like 5000-7000 health) and then get instagibbed by random AOE damage. GG.
Anyway, good to see they’re starting to fix some of that.

Random fixes of interest

  • Mix Master (guild achievement) is now awarded at 1,000 flasks, down from 10,000, and Better Leveling Through Chemistry (guild achievement) is awarded at 3,000 flasks, down from 25,000. It turns out we overestimated these numbers just a smidgen. More information can be found here.
  • “Smart” food ended up not being so smart. Players who have small amounts of dodge rating as a vestige of some item bugs in the past will no longer get a dodge buff when they eat “smart” food like Cataclysm feasts if they are not plate tanks. Other classes and specializations will get their dominant primary stat.
  • Players are no longer put in their own instance after relogging in a dungeon to which they’ve already been saved.
  • The Ramkahen Guardians now correctly melee, throw nets to snare characters, and utilize knock-back shots with their bows when they are unable to path to the target.
  • Red Rider Air Rifle and Red Rider Air Rifle Ammo are now part of Jepetto Joybuzz’s vendor list and can be purchased for their displayed prices.
  • The spawn rates of all three Tol Barad quest micro dungeons have been adjusted to a more reasonable level. This should alleviate the issues players were having with creatures respawning too quickly.
  • The escorted Farson Keep Prisoner for the quest “Walk A Mile In Their Shoes” in Tol Barad, no longer engages in combat with opposing faction players.

For more information on the change to cauldrons, check out this blog post by Blizzard. They go through twhy they decided to change it and why you should be excited about cauldrons.

Red Rider Air Rifle gets added to the toy-store vendor in Dalaran. This means that both of the present-based achievements Crashin’ & Trashin’ and BB King will be doable for new and old players alike the next christmas. In fact, you can do BB King even when it isn’t christmas time. So go to Jepetto Joybuzz today, pick up your very own Red Rider Air Rifle and go pelt some nasty hordies!



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