Jan 3 hotfixes

Gratuitous Night Elf behind (From Wow Insider)

I’m beginning to think we won’t see a proper patch for awhile… it’s just hotfix after hotfix after hotfix. I guess this is what they wanted to achieve with the new downloader client though. I wish they had worked on it just a little bit more so that they could apply more serious patches in the same manner, such as with our poor meta-gem which needs fixing quite badly.

… Having said that, the new year is here and with that, the first hotfix of the new decade. This hotfix brings some tweaks to raid encounters and other minor fixes.
Here are some that I felt were interesting.

Raid encounter fixes

Three fixes to the Ascendant Council encounter:

  • It was sometimes possible for Arion to instantly Chain Lightning the targets affected by Lightning Rod, with no time for them to react. This has been corrected.
  • If one of the three most distant targets from Ignacious was 20 or fewer yards away and Ignacious picked that target for Inferno Leap, the spell would fail entirely, but the cooldown would be consumed. Inferno Leap can now be cast on players 20 yards or fewer away from Ignacious.
  • The Elementium Monstrosity will now prefer ranged targets to melee targets with its Electrical Instability beams. If there are more beams active then there are ranged targets present, then the beams will start hitting melee targets.

These fixes should make the encounter a lot less chaotic and random and will undoubtedly make it easier to down. If you take a look at this informative post over on WoW Insider about the average item level on world first progression encounters, you will see that Ascendant Council was the hardest and least downed boss before the three end-raid bosses.

For example, at the time of writing that article, over 8000 guilds had downed Magmaw, Halfus Wyrmbreak and Omnotron Defense System. But only just over 2000 guilds had downed Ascendant Council.

Here follows the rest, without interesting commentary, simply because I haven’t seen any of these raid encounters yet and have no real insight.


  • Sonar Pulse is now spawned on top of Atramedes’ current location and will spawn regardless of where Atramedes is tanked. In addition, Sonar Pulse now idles for 1 second after being cast before they move away from their spawn location.
  • It is no longer possible to use immunities to reset a player’s sound bar while fighting Atramedes.
  • Atramedes’ Sonic Breath now properly ignores line of sight.


  • Flame Destruction cast during the Cho’gall encounter now does approximately 30% more damage per stack on Heroic difficulty.


  • It is no longer possible to fully resist Wind Burst from Al’Akir, avoiding all damage and knockback.
  • Al’Akir’s Static Shock has been changed from a damage-over-time spell with interrupts on ticks (10-second cooldown), to a direct-damage interrupt spell (5-second cooldown).

One hunter fix

Just fyi; it used to say “4 seconds” which was slightly too awesome for us according to Blizzard. Oh well, doesn’t affect us hunters much. I mean, we don’t PvP do we? I know I don’t. Haha… PvP…

Random fixes

  • Tailors with 400 skill or higher should now receive additional cloth drops 50% of the time from anything that drops cloth, up from 25%.
  • Select Archaeology nodes and dig sites have been updated to ensure the Map listings are correct and the nodes properly spawn within the dig sites.
  • The cooking daily quest Chef’s Awards no longer have a limit to how many players can hold at one time. Please note that the user interface will still say a maximum of 10 Chef’s Award currency can be possessed until a client-side patch can be applied, but players can accrue more than 10.

Tailors do get the equivalent of Northern Cloth Scavenging in Cataclysm content after all. Nice to see. I’m glad I haven’t leveled my tailor yet, now once I level it I’ll get so many more clothy pieces, wickedness!

Random crossgendermetamorphical discussion (Source)

Why do Naga have breasts when they’re clearly not mammals?

Or are they? After they were transformed into naga following their abuse of arcane magic, the female naga do indeed appear to retain certain vestigial aspects of their elven heritage.

Tortolla and his eggs, however, remain somewhat shrouded in an appropriate sense of mystery…

Lastly I want to point a link to this excellent summation of the current state of raid dps per class and spec by Frostheim on WoW Insider. If you don’t believe Survival is overpowered then maybe you’ll see things more clearly after reading this.



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