Cataclysm Hunter Enchants and Gems


This is a list of the best enchants per slot, some cheaper enchants and a general guide to gems and how to use them. Some enchants listed on this page are inferior to profession-specific enchants. For a list of profession-specific enchants and other bonuses provided by professions, check this article.





Note: The best and the second best enchants are nearly identical in terms of dps contribution, either one will be just fine.




Note: The best and the second best enchants are nearly identical in terms of dps contribution, either one will be just fine.




Two-Handed Weapon

Ranged Weapon

What, no option for one-handed weapons? There’s a perfectly good explanation for that and here it is; Do not under any circumstances use one-handed weapons. You will end up with about 15% less stats than if you were using a two-handed weapon and there are no good enchants for hunters with one-handed weapons. The enchants are proccs based on melee hits. Stay away!

I included several cheaper options for those who can’t afford the best enchants (the top enchants in each section) because some of these enchants will currently cost over a thousand gold.


Meta-gem slot

Red slots

Yellow slots

Blue slots

You should use a non-red gem in every slot where you’ll gain a bonus of at least +20 Agility. When the bonus is crap you should go straight for the red gem options.

For the yellow slots, it’s always better to go with the Deadly (Crit) gems rather than Adept or Deft.



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I write a World of Warcraft blog called "Rapid Fire" on the topics; hunters, pets and achievement hunting.
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9 Responses to Cataclysm Hunter Enchants and Gems

  1. eidotrope says:

    What about Wrath-era enchants like 20agi to gloves or 22agi to cloak? Also, I think the Destructive Shadowspirit Diamond is worth mentioning for the meta.

    • Gavendo says:

      I just checked and the two enchants you mention are actually better… which I have to say I did not expect and I can’t imagine this is how they intended it to be. But I’m gonna change the recommendation in this article right away!

      Regarding the meta-gem, that is indeed an interesting choice available there. I checked it out and got less dps with my current setup but considering the requirement on it is “2 red gems” this opens up for putting red gems in every single slot without losing out on your meta… which should definitely be an increase in dps.

      Thanks for your comment. I love to be wrong, so that I can learn. 🙂


  2. Camelstoe says:

    Very useful article. Book marked for future reference.


  3. Akella says:

    Hi Gavm
    I’m just curious about spell pen in blue slots in pve.
    They are very useful in pvp and I suspect a min SP would be required in PVE too, no?
    Akella (Arygos)

    • Gavendo says:

      Spell penetration is used to circumvent certain resistances to magical damage, such as the Mark of the Wild buff for example. Raid bosses and mobs don’t really have resistance to certain schools of magic anymore. This was sometimes the case in vanilla content and even for some stuff in Burning Crusade, but nothing in Wrath of the Lich King or Cataclysm (as far as I am aware). Even if you theoretically had one particular mob or boss with some resistance, it would very rare and situational and provide very little actual benefit for you.

      In short: No, don’t get any spell penetration. 🙂

      You can read a bit more about spell pen on


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  5. SadHunter says:

    Great guide, helped me alot!

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  7. lovely article and guide… i was quite playing for about 2 years…and start to playing again recently…and feel so sorry to the “past me” for not able to find this useful guide…

    thank you

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