Crashin’ & Trashin’ works again

I am happy to report that the The Winter Veil achievement Crashin’ & Trashin’ is again doable during this year’s Winter Veil event!

A bit of history

This achievement was introduced for Christmas in 2008 wherein everyone was given a Crashin’ Trashin’ Race Controller in a gift found under the Christmas tree. During that event everyone was able to complete the achievement and it was in fact required for the meta-achievement.

Then during Christmas of 2009, players received a Red Rider Air Rifle as a gift under the tree instead of a controller (which was great by the way, even though we did shoot some people’s eyes out). Since it was impossible for any new player to obtain the race controller that year, Blizzard removed it as a requirement for the meta achievement. They however did not remove the achievement from the Winter Veil tab and moved it to Feats of Strength, which caused some people to believe that it might be doable again in the future.

And sure enough, later that year Blizzard added the Blue Crashin’ Trashin’ Racer Controller to Jepetto Joybuzz’s offerings in the The Wonderworks shop in Dalaran.

How to get Crashin’ & Trashin’

To gain this achievement you need to go to Dalaran with a friend and find the The Wonderworks shop – It’s right opposite of the Enchanting store. Once there you will find Jepetto Joybuzz who will sell you the Blue Crashin’ Trashin’ Racer Controller for 32 gold.

When you both have a controller, get outside of the store and use them. All you need to do is to crash each others racers 25 times and then you will have the achievement!

You have from the 15th December til’ the 2nd of January to finish this achievement, plenty of time. So no big rush, but why not do it right away? It would suck if you just happened to forget about it and then get to see that achievement incomplete for another whole year… nobody wants that, surely!



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4 Responses to Crashin’ & Trashin’ works again

  1. Loronar says:

    Hm… I don’t remember this achievement, but then I was out of the country during Winter Veil 2 years ago. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Dorintor says:

    Hey thanks for this tip. I thought that the racer was in the present you get so I was waiting until the 25th. Looks like I don’t have to. Thanks again.

  3. Gavendo says:

    Well there might be a new racer as a gift – we don’t know yet – but I’m guessing and hoping that there will be something else instead. 🙂

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