Cataclysm: Day One and hotfixes for Dec 7

Cataclysm has only been out one day so far and already it has saved lives, made millions of people very happy and excited about Azeroth again and some people annoyed and upset.

This is my first time participating in a Blog Azeroth Shared Topic, let’s hope it goes well. 🙂

Realm First Sucker

I was planning all along to completely ignore the race to Realm First’s (TM) but decided last minute to change my tune around and go for one anyway. The realm first I was looking to do was Illustrious Angler and was ready next to the fishing trainer in Stormwind with a fishing daily loaded up but not turn in for two extra skill-ups.
The clock hits one minute after twelve and the message that we all had to log out and log back in again came up, everyone logs out in a fury and rushes to start up the game again, only to be greeted by a failure to log in.

I attempted to log in once per minute for 54 minutes before I actually got in and when I did get in, I saw three other fishermen right next to me who had already started… I had lost the race due to technical difficulties and it made me pretty disappointed. Two of my friends had the same problem but with cooking which they had failed at only due to technical difficulties.

This was the first time I ever got to experience an expansion-shift since I started playing World of Warcraft just a few months after Wrath of the Lich King started so this was all new to me. I had always looked at realm first achievements on other people’s feat of strength tabs to be very impressive and cool but now I think they are just sort of luck based like We Had it All Along *cough*.

Gormn wrote on the MMO-Champions forums about his attempt at achieving realm first Alchemy and he does a good job of describing the frustration that these sort of achievements can cause.


I didn’t let that ruin my evening though and went ahead and used the race change I had ordered beforehand and changed my Night Elf into a Worgen:

What can I say?… OMG!! OMG OMG OMG. I love this, this is the greatest. The voice emotes are awesome (if you make a worgen, try /roar), the way he sits is awesome, the way he moves is awesome and Running Wild is the greatest thing since the invention of Nachos. When I move around through the new zones firing off arrows at my targets it all looks so right and feels right, unlike on the Night Elf where it all sort of felt a bit clunky.

I haven’t tried the Gilneas starting experience yet since I’m leveling through all the new zones to get to 85 but I’m intending to make a new alt to be able to go through it properly and fully get into Worgen and what they are all about. I heard Gilneas is pretty awesome!

Remember how I was worried that I would end up using Two Forms and switch to Human form? Well, it took me about 1 hr then I started doing it. The button is there it needs to be pressed!


After having stopped marveling at my new furry self and after having picked up the new skill levels of all the professions I went ahead and picked up the quests that lead to Vashj’ir. Once at the harbor I was given the treat of hearing NPCs engaging in a conversation with actual voices, not just text. What followed was a quick but really enjoyable and awesome trip by boat to Vashj’ir – I won’t say what actually happens since that would spoil it for you.

About an hour and a half after twelve I was in the water in Vashj’ir with what seemed like thousands of other people all of us trying to do the same quests. Unlucky for us, some of the mobs for these quests just would not respawn quickly and instead took like five minutes per mob to respawn. And when thousands of people need to kill 10 of one type of mob that respawns once per five minutes, you got a bit of a bottleneck to get through.

Eventually some of the guildies and I decided to just swim ahead to the Abyssal Depths where the entrance to Throne of the Tides would be and did that dungeon. It went by fine, maybe a bit too easy even though we had the tank die once or twice. But we all had Icecrown Citadel 25 to Icecrown Citadel 25 heroic gear, which would be a bit ahead of the gear curve for that dungeon. After that we did Blackrock Caverns without any real problems either. Once we had done these two dungeons it was waaaay past 12, like, closer to three and I decided to go to bed.

At this point our guild had already got to level tree and was steadily climbing, unfortunately this was not meant to be and the next morning we were back to level 1.

6 hours of downtime commences…

Back to leveling!

The next morning I started to quest in Vashj’ir for real which was no problem at this point since there weren’t thousands of people trying to do the same quest. I guess some people actually have work or school to go to! Crazy people.

Vashj’ir is an absolutely beautiful zone and the experience of questing through there is amazing. Blizzard has done an excellent job of making this zone (and all the other ones) and the quests in it. I loved it all the way through, well almost, some quests were a bit repetitive but that’s always how it is isn’t it? Mostly though the quests were great and told interesting stories. There were lots of in-game cutscenes which I won’t give any details on cause I don’t want to spoil it for you – but let me tell you, you’re in for a treat!

Ow! Naga's be grabbing me by the hair!

I tried attacking this guy... Not one of my brightest moments.

I could live down here, it's just beautiful!

I got done with all of the quests in Vashj’ir in about 12 hours or so (with some pauses in between) and after that I went to Deepholm and eventually Uldum. I’m currently level 83 and I’m so far about 26 hours behind our realm’s first level 85. 🙂

Things I’ve learned so far:

  • Leveling Leatherworking is going to be expensive.
  • The achievement for completing all quests in Vashj’ir appears to be impossible to complete at the moment.
  • The portals in Stormwind intuitively knows where I want to go!
  • Worgen ability Darkflight does in fact not share cooldown with the Engineering Nitro Boost.
  • Uldum has green items that are better than my item level 277 gear from heroic Icecrown Citadel 25.
  • Recipe: Feathered Lure still isn’t working.

Hotfixes for December 7th

Blizzard never stops working and on Cataclysm’s release day they rolled out yet another batch of hotfixes, see this post for the full list. Here follows some changes I thought were notable:

  • The achievement “Stood in the fire” is granted when standing in a zone boundary different than Deathwing’s spawn location. In addition, players can now get this achievement by walking into the wake of Deathwing’s fire after he has passed.
  • If faction mounts do not translate to a mount of the opposite faction when performing a paid faction change, they will now be removed.
  • Razorgore and Chromaggus in Blackwing Lair will no longer cause an infinite loop of encounter mind control mechanics when pets or companions are present.

The change to Stood in the fire is excellent since there’s nothing more frustrating than seeing Deathwing pass you by just a short distance away and then you escape totally unharmed and achievement-less…

The second thing on that list refers specifically to Goblin trike mounts. Before this hotfix you could grind Bilgewater Cartel reputation up to exalted as Horde and buy the trikes and then switch over to Alliance and retain the mount. Now you won’t be able to anymore.

Blackwing Lair bugfix, omg. That took awhile didn’t it? Well, good to see they fixed it anyway. 🙂

Random blue post

First of all, I am blown away by the detail put into the underwater zones, but I got a chuckle out of the new Whale Shark mobs swimming around. I love the way they look, but they have one major flaw.

Someone must have goofed and started with a “whale” skeleton instead of a “shark” one and used the whale animations, because they swim with the up-and-down motion of the in game whales. Not the (correct) side-to-side motion of a shark.

Anyone else sit there gawking at them and wondering how in the world that got by the QC department? I laughed.

Whale Shark has asked me to let you know that it is displeased by your tone, and to deliver the following message:

Whale Shark is the devourer of the slow moving and inattentive. This includes plankton, whales, and AFK players.

Whale Shark swims where and how it pleases. Whale Shark /spits on your science.



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  1. Zinn says:

    Thanks for telling me about the Vash’jir achi not being completable, since I am actually aiming to do this. Now I won’t go “WTFBBQ!” when I can’t find more quests ^^ And the blue was hilarious!

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