The Cataclysm is nigh

Cataclysm is less than an hour away here in Europe and things are really starting to get exciting by now. Trade chat is a buzz, guildchat is going wild, there are more people online than in a long while and they’re all in Stormwind. Many of the guildies have logged off to run to their local store for the midnight sale. The forums over at MMO-Champion are on fire and the official forums are down due to too much usage. In fact, pretty much all of seems down. If you go there all you see is this:

So with all this excitement going on, what am I doing? Oh I’m updating the guild website with EPGP information, new progression tables, making sure there are videos for encounter tactics, etc. What, you’re not gonna go for a realm first Gav? No… I won’t… I preordered the game and I’m expecting it in the mail tomorrow… So, uhm.

Okay, I succumbed to the excitement of Realm Firsts and bought the digital copy as well. Hopefully I can resell the physical copy or return it.

All the World of Warcraft news sites and blogs are writing about what’s becoming available in Cataclysm so I’m gonna avoid that and simply link these sites for you.

I gotta stop now, gonna prepare for my Realm First attempt!



About Gavendo

I write a World of Warcraft blog called "Rapid Fire" on the topics; hunters, pets and achievement hunting.
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2 Responses to The Cataclysm is nigh

  1. ironyca says:

    It’s funny how all forums are running crazy, like you mention. Wow players are going wiiiild! And good luck on going for realm first, it’s a pretty rare achievement to have, to say the least.

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