Dec 2 hunter hotfixes

A bunch more hotfixes rolled out yesterday. Most of them were regarding quests and other random things as usual. One thing of note was that fishing up Cataclysm fish should now be impossible without having a Cataclysm-enabled account. See the full list here.

Here are the hunter-specific changes:

  • Silithid Swarmers are now tamable by hunters.
  • Hunter pets that changed pet families prior to patch 4.0.3 will no longer retain their previous talents on top of the new Cataclysm pet talents. Hunters will have to untalent their pets to pick up this correction.

The Silithid Swarmer is the rather antsy (hah) looking silithid that is usually found within the confides of Temple of Ahn’Qiraj (AQ40). The beasts inside that raid instance that looks like this cannot be tamed though.
The very fantastic looking pet you see here to the right is tamable during a quest which is available to both horde and alliance.

You can read more about the pet and how to tame it in this nice blog post by Mania.

In other news: Cataclysmic trailer!

The Darkmoon Faire mini-site has now reached the final unlockable, thanks to the Alliance (woho!). The final unlockable was yet another video, this one was not of an interview though. Below you can see the video which is basically a trailer for Cataclysm. It showcases the new zones, dungeons and raids.

If you want to know more about the new dungeons and raids you should check out this guide made by Wowhead that gives you a nice overview of everything. However it’s not the greatest approach to find out tactics for all the new encounters. Ensidia‘s website Manaflask has a lot of good guides for Cataclysm out already and there’s more coming, give it a look see.

Random blue (Source)

If Cairne is dead, why does he appear on the Kalimdor loading screen? Same thing with Magni and the Eastern Kingdoms loading screen.

I object to these contradictions with the storyline.

is my loading screen haunted?

When there’s something strange
On your loading screen
Who you gonna call?

I object


Ghost wolves and Oil-Stained wolves are great and all... but they cannot compare to my ferocious sea gull!

And on that bomb shell this post ends!



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