PvP Season 9 sets revealed

MMO-Champion revealed the final versions of the PvP sets for season 9. Here you’ll find an absolutely fantastic hunter set which looks exactly like you’d want it to. It’s piratey, it’s nanjaey (I’m not sure that’s an actual word… but it should be!), it’s badass and awesome. I want it! Why did it have to be for PvP? I never PvP. Sadface.

Compared to this the tier 11 set for raiding looks even worse. Dressing up like a murloc might be fun in Borean Tundra for a short while when you’re questing but not if you have to wear the damn thing for months! This is tier 8 all over again. 😦

Tier 11

PvP Season 9

So, plan of action: Obtain the raiding set and the PvP set and wear the raid set in-combat and the PvP set out-of-combat.



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I write a World of Warcraft blog called "Rapid Fire" on the topics; hunters, pets and achievement hunting.
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2 Responses to PvP Season 9 sets revealed

  1. Phr34k says:

    Good God… I’m gonna pray for the t12 to come fast … even tho I love murlocs… that thing looks more and more hideous the more I look at it. The pvp set wasn’t as awful so I guess I gotta pvp then.

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