The first morning in the new world

Update: The City-faction tabards now work in Northrend dungeons!

I was disappointed by the lack of an actual in-game event before the shattering happened. But when I logged in this morning to be greeted by the new cinematic,  it all sorta felt very appropriate and right. As usual, the blues know what they’re doing and less than a minute later I saw proof of that once again. Because I was able to log in to the EU realms already at 10:10 today, no extended maintenance here!
Once I got in, this was the first thing I saw:


Today you should be prepared to answer these questions many times over and then some more times and then roll up into a little ball of tears due to losing your sanity. The questions are:

  • Where are the portals in Dalaran? – They’re gone.
  • Why are there no portals in Dalaran? – Get over it! You don’t want to be there anyway, now come to Stormwind/Orgrimmar and enjoy these new awesome towns.
  • Where can I learn how to fly in Azeroth? – You can’t.
  • Where are the city-faction quartermasters? – They are near the flight paths in each city.
  • … Portals, Dalaran?!?! – ARHRGHRG.

Some things I’ve noticed so far

  • My hearthstones did indeed reset to my characters hometowns. I rule at predictions? Yay!
  • The Elemental Invasion is over.
  • The Justice Point vendors in Stormwind offering lvl 85 blue items won’t actually sell you anything just yet.
  • The auctioneers in Shattrath do work now.
  • The fishing and cooking dailies in Stormwind are working fine – and earns reputation with “Alliance” which means you get some Gilneas reputation here.
  • The Gilneas tabard works fine in the lvl 1-60 dungeons of course.
  • You can fly and mount up on flying mounts in Dalaran.
  • If you lost any keys, go to the locksmith in Stormwind. He’s in the dwarven district.
  • My friends list has gone crazy and now lists 4 times as many friends as before…
  • I’ve lost exactly 200 achievement points, :(… but gained 17 feats of strength. 😮
  • I haven’t earned my Veteran of the Shifting Sands feat of strength even though I have completed the entire quest chain. I made a ticket about it, awaiting further information.
  • People seem to have been awarded Surveying the Damage without actually having done it. This achievement requires you to investigate all the damage in the old zones. A great idea for an achievement, but unfortunately bugged.
  • All the WotLK raid achievements have been squeezed into one sub-section which now has 269 achievements in total… this is a bit crazy. I think they need to add another category level here so we can split up these achievements by raid like they used to be.

Some notes about upcoming changes

There’s a hotfix being deployed which brings several fixes, including one hunter fix.

A second pet can no longer be summoned when the active pet is dead.

If you’re a dpser and you look at your meta-gem right now, you might be a bit confused. Then bemused and then annoyed. Well, not to worry, Blizzard will revert this crazy new design.

More blue gems than red gems? Ya…no. Change it back.

The current design has been reconsidered, so we’re planning to revert gems that now require more blue than red gems back to their original requirements. Such a change can’t be accomplished via a hotfix though, so we’ll have to wait to revert these in a future patch.

The new city faction tabards are supposed to work in Northrend dungeons but not Outland dungeons and this will be fixed soon. Update: At this point, they do work!

This is a bug we will be hotfixing in the very near future. The city tabards should currently work in old Azeroth dungeons (as well as Cataclysm 80-85 dungeons when the expansion is released). The hotfix will make it so these tabards work for Heroic and normal Northrend dungeons, however, there are no plans as of yet to apply this change to Outland dungeons.

…which makes sense since you earn reputation in those dungeons without the use of a tabard.



About Gavendo

I write a World of Warcraft blog called "Rapid Fire" on the topics; hunters, pets and achievement hunting.
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4 Responses to The first morning in the new world

  1. Wolfore says:

    I find this city rep business very confusing. Where are the tabards working at the moment? What about the Gilneas tabard? What can I do, where can I go now, before Cata to get Gilneas rep? According to your previous post the best thing would be to run Deadmines repeteadly.

    What are you going to do about the meta Gem? For me regemming is out of the question, but I may just change the meta gem to one of the skyflare diamonds in the meantime.

    • Gavendo says:

      All the new city-faction tabards (so for Alliance that would be; Stormwind, Ironforge, Darnassus, Gnomeregan, Exodar and Gilneas) work in all the lvl1-60 dungeons. So from Stockades to Stratholme basically. No dungeon in Outland or Northrend will reward any reputation when wearing these tabards as it is now, however the Northrend dungeons will work later once they get around to patching that. So keep an eye out for that.
      Oh and ofc they are meant to work in all the new lvl 81-85 dungeons once we get those.

      To get Gilneas reputation now, you go to Darnassus and pick up the tabard. You’ll find the quartermaster right next to the flight path in Darnassus (near the portal that takes you up and down Teldrassil). Then you just run any dungeon from the lvl 1-60 content you like, while wearing the tabard. 🙂

      About the meta-gem… I think they’re gonna fix it soon, so I’m not gonna worry too much about it. For hunters there aren’t really any good options to replace this one, see the full list here. The best option really is to try to find a way to get you gems to fit the requirement since our current meta-gem is so damn good. But that will require you to re-gem, possibly replace enchants and to find new gear so that you can put +hit rating in all those blue gem spots.

      Not the best solution two weeks from a new expansion, would you say? 🙂 Let’s just hope they fix it soon.


  2. Knaledge says:

    There’s a picture of the in-game GM response regarding the Veteran of the Shifting Sands achievement.

    It’s simply not active yet. WHEW!

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