The end of the world has been postponed until tomorrow

Last night some of the guildies and I gathered up at the Stonewrought Dam in Loch Modan to witness the end of the world together. Unfortunately for us, the world didn’t end when the clock went from 23:59 on the 22nd to 0:00 on the 23rd.

I had sort of hoped that since the blues had described this “patch” as merely a “flip of the switch” rather than a proper patch due to all the data for the new world already being in our client files that we’d see some event happening. You know, like one of the holiday events, the Elemental Invasion or like the expansion transitions. But to my and the others dismay, nothing happened. We waited a few minutes extra thinking maybe Deathwing had gotten stuck in the roof of his cave or something – I mean he is pretty big, there’s a lot of him to get stuck!

But no he didn’t show up. At that point I sorta felt like these guys:

(Yes, that’s some of Monty Python, a very young Rowan Atkinson and Peter Cook)

So it’s past 9:00 here which is past 0:00 in PST (Blizzards time zone), which means the end of the world will happen during maintenance and not during a fancy event. This makes me a tad bit disappointed but I guess technical limitations stood in the way. Furthermore this means that for us in Europe, the shattering actually happens on Wednesday the 24th and not on the 23rd.

Tom Chilton also confirmed this in an interview (Source):

How is The Shattering going to happen? Should we expect an epic ending to the pre-Cataclysm event and elemental invasions?
TC: The culmination, we’re already at the final stage of the event that builds up to The Shattering. The final “event” is the in-game cinematic. And that’s really what the transition is for players, that players will play through this event that’s building up and then at some point… just because of the realities of the code, we have to flip a switch.

So we’re going to be doing that during maintenance when The Shattering happens, and so when players log back in for the first time, it’s a very small patch for players, and be introduced to the cinematic. That’s suppose to be what happened while you were asleep. Conceptually, this is what just happened while you weren’t controlling your character.

That being said, where will players be when they log in? I know in beta it sent people to either the outside of Orgrimmar or the outside of Stormwind. Have you guys finalized where people are going to actually log in?
TC: Yeah they’ll log in alive at the nearest graveyard of the zone they were at. So let’s say they were in the middle of Arathi Highlands, they would be standing wherever the nearest graveyard is to where they were logged out at. So they’re not like falling through the air to their deaths when they log in.

How exactly will The Shattering transition over into Cataclysm on the 7th? Is 4.0.3a going to set it up so players will go seamlessly from Wrath to Cataclysm at midnight, or will you still need to restart the realms?
TC: Yeah, when we launch on December 7th that will be very seamless, and that’s designed to not require server downtime. That will be more like it was with Burning Crusade and Lich King, at the stroke of midnight… boom you can go to the new areas.

So there you have it, the shattering will happen in the most uninteresting way possible. But we’ll manage. I guess… *nerd tears*

Instead of witnessing an epic end of the world event, I shall watch Gary Moore play us out:

Zarhym (Source):

It is time, friends, for the world to shatter.



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