Auctioneers in Dalaran & Shattrath

Engineers have enjoyed being able access the auction house in Dalaran straight from the engineering shop for quite some time now. And now, apparently, everyone will be able to! Yep, the NPC Brassbolt Mechawrench should now grant anyone access to the auction house, regardless of profession. There’s also been another auctioneer added to Dalaran, right by the justice point vendors.

I saw this and I thought “hmm.. would they do this and not put one in Shattrath as well?” so I went to check it out and guess what… They’re there! These a horde-only and alliance-only auctioneer standing right next to each other in the Scryer building and same in the Aldor building – as in the buildings with the banks and quartermasters. So basically just as with the banks in Shattrath you go to the faction you’re allied with.

I wasn’t actually able to use either of these auctioneers myself though and that could possibly be due to some wonky faction-standing transferring when I transferred my character over to the PTR. I can’t imagine they would put these auctioneers in and would have them just stare at us instead of allowing us to trade!

This was definitely a good decision by Blizzard in my opinion. Dalaran and Shattrath without the portals just felt so remote and lonely. Now when you can actually do everything there that you would expect to be able to do in a main city, you won’t actually have to portal-hop anyway and might as well hang around in Northrend or Outland. I mean you got your profession trainers, class trainers, banks and auction houses, what else do you need?

This also means that you will be more likely to run into other leveling characters in these cities instead of having everyone clump up in Stormwind and Orgrimmar. This could potentially reduce the lag in our new main cities for us who are level capped (hooray!) and could help you meet other people while leveling.



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