More PTR 4.0.3a tidbits

I find it very difficult to log in to the live realms now that the PTR has the new world – even though I should just to check these remote locations out that Ironyca writes about. The thing is I keep discovering new things about 4.0.3a that I didn’t know and it’s too exciting to turn away!

Hero’s Call boards

In every city you can find these:

They are “Hero’s Call Board”s and next to each one of them stands a “Hero’s Herald” who tells you that these boards will contain proclamations from King Wrynn on where we should go to aid the Alliance.
These boards are a clever way for Blizzard to point us in the right direction when we’re leveling. From these you’ll be able to pick up breadcrumb quests directing us to level-appropriate zones and dungeons while we’re leveling up.

Hopefully Blizzard will implement some more usability for these once we hit the level cap as well. Wouldn’t these boards be a great source for some lvl 85 dailies for example?

Your new home: Stormwind

Ironforge hasn’t been changed around much at all. The only new thing I could find in Ironforge was another Hero’s Call board (as seen above).
I guess dwarves would just say that it was perfect to begin with but I wouldn’t agree with that – Darnassus is the place to be! Well, not really. Darnassus hasn’t changed much either apart from the addition of the new Worgen “quarter” and mostly it just looks a bit prettier with the new trees. Stormwind with it’s brand new look, new districts and lots of new features is just too awesome for anyone to pass up at this point I think. Even me, the die-hard Darnassus fan (no I didn’t mention Exodar, did you want me to? Ok, fine; Exodar still sucks).

Stormwind has everything and then some. It’s completely redesigned and looks fantastic (I’d say better than Dalaran even). Some new features of Stormwind that you won’t see in any other city:

  • Two auction houses! – One in the trade district and one in the dwarven district.
  • Heroism & Valor Quartermasters – Already offering 7 justice point rewards for hunters (the linked items are the horde versions) for a total of 12 800 justice points.
  • Honor & Conquest Quartermasters – No new PvP rewards yet.
  • Cooking and Fishing daily quests – The cooking questgiver also has a vendor offering brand new recipes buy-able with the new cooking tokens.
  • Mount vendors – You can buy horses and griffins without leaving town!
  • A locksmith – Offers you keys that you’ve obtained before but managed to lose.

I was surprised to find that there were no portals between Stormwind and Ironforge like the one between Darnassus and Exodar. Then again, there’s a tram, I guess that’s good enough.


Wintergrasp appears to not be in use. It’s listed in the battleground window and the sign-up button is there but it doesn’t do anything. This might just be because it’s a test realm. We’ll see.

Gilneas Tabard

Ok here’s something really random and (possibly) really useful. Next to the flightpath (just to the left) inside Darnassus you have the Darnassus quartermaster and to the right of the flightpath you have a Gilneas Quartermaster… Handing out Gilneas Tabards for 10 silver each which grants you the ability to gain reputation with Gilneas while doing dungeons!

This means that we might actually be able to grind Gilneas to exalted before Cataclysm and I know I will be. It’ll be perfect to combine this with grinding my 12 800 justice points I’ll need for the lvl 85 blue items.

Just to make sure it would work I put on the tabard and went into a random heroic to try it out. After a wonderful 25min wait (I’m dps after all) I get inside Culling of Stratholme. I discovered that I wasn’t earning any reputation which made me pretty disappointed. But then I remembered a friend of mine a few weeks earlier had said that he couldn’t gain reputation with any faction on the beta. So reputation gains could possibly be disabled altogether on the PTR, or it’s just that they don’t want us doing this with the tabard to earn reputation…

So we simply won’t know for sure if we can use the tabard in this way until 4.0.3a hit live realms. What we do know is that you can equip it and show off your lack of fashion sense by clashing colors all over the place.

Update: As it turns out, we can use the tabard! Read more here.

New music

Remember to turn your music on if you have it off at the moment, because there’s lots of new music out there for you to hear even in the old zones and it is fantastic.


That’s all for now. I’ll leave you with some random pictures I’ve taken while exploring (Surwich is awesome!):



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