Pre-Cataclysm hunter consumables


Deathwing has arose from the ground and destroyed the world that we hold dear. But that doesn’t mean it’s time to give in!
We’re still here and some of us are actually still raiding and if you’re one of those who still are… then you should have these  consumables on hand for your next raid.

Flasks or Elixirs

Before 4.0.1 bringing an intellect elixir along with a armor penetration or agility elixir (depending on if you were gearing for armor penetration or not) was always the right answer. And now, the agility elixir has become a really good battle elixir for us but unfortunately there’s no good guardian elixir.
This means that in every situation it is best to go straight for the Flask of Endless Rage.


There was a lot of speculation about using Potion of Wild Magic earlier in WotLK because haste wasn’t the best buff for us back then and because you could line up the Wild Magic potion (which gives crit) with all your other cooldowns, making an all-glorious stacking cooldown pile of dps doom. But since 4.0.1, there is no competing with the haste potion.

Just make sure you don’t use it at the same time as Heroism or Rapid Fire since you might actually reach the haste cap for your steady shots and when you do that, you’re not gaining as much dps per stat from the potion. Just try to stagger your haste cooldowns instead.


I know most people jump right on that fish feast and consume that rather than getting some tasty dragonfin. But you really shouldn’t, the Blackened Dragonfin provides just as much more dps as using the Endless Rage flask over the one agility elixir.
And while the fish feast definitely isn’t the best choice, it’s a lot better than not having any food in your belly. So if you’ve been lazy and didn’t bring any dragonfins, eat some of that fish!

Pet buffs

Since version 4.0.3a there are no pet buff foods or scrolls. Rejoice!

Other buffs

“A smile on your face is the best raid buff”, yes it is. Thank you Tomster for that insightful advice. 🙂

It’s always a good idea to carry around a Drums of Forgotten Kings because you never know when you’ll get into that one raid that doesn’t have a paladin or druid. It probably hasn’t happened yet, but it will someday!
The Runescroll buff can be provided by priests, warriors and warlocks so you probably don’t need to worry too much about it, but it doesn’t hurt to come prepared.

Drums of the Wild used to be on this list, but now the Kings and druid buff are one and the same and the drums for the druid buff has turned into a horrible creation which you should not carry around or try to sell on the auction house or even vendor. You should destroy it while performing a cleansing ritual to remove it and all the evil that it brings to this world.



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