Latest beta build brings insane changes?

Update (18:36): Confirmation has arrived! (see below)

Wowhead’s latest data mining suggests that on the latest beta build, 13277, the Shen’dralar criteria has been removed from the Insane in the Membrane feat of strength.

This is an unexpected change and totally opposite of what Bashiok said not too long ago:

Insane in the Membrane is a feat of strength, not an achievement. Feats are things that you can’t be guaranteed to complete, which is why they’re feats and not achievements. Most of them are actually now impossible to complete, and this feat will join a long list of “you had to be there” moments in WoW time.

The feat isn’t being removed of course, those who have it will retain it, however; some of the requirements are, so it will no longer be able to be completed by anyone who has not already done so.

It’s possible that in some very specific situations where someone has completed the reputations which are being removed, but not others that will still be in the game, that it can still be completed. But it’s something we’re waiting for clarity on, and will let you know as soon as we do.

Now, some of you reading this are obviously gonna get really happy since something that was out-of-reach is suddenly within reach. For us that have completed it already it feels like a bit of a bummer that one of the most difficult (if not THE most difficult) faction to grind up your reputation with is being removed from the achievement.

However, putting our feelings aside for a moment to think about this. Does this change seem deliberate or is it perhaps a mistake? Blizzard has flip-flopped on many issues before so that shouldn’t be too unbelievable, but have they ever made a feat of strength easier to obtain? Yes, they have. Winterspring Frostabers used to be twice as difficult as it is now for example. Could this just be a mistake though? Yeah it could, because Shen’dralar is supposed to be removed as a faction entirely and when they did that, it might have disappeared from achievements, items, etc, automatically.

One thing is for sure, we’ll need confirmation from the blues on this.

And here it is! (Source):

It’s a question you’ve been asking us for a little while now. And, based on all the posts, emails, petitions, and letters we received following the announcement that the Insane in the Membrane achievement would no longer be in available in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, we started to wonder if maybe we had gone a bit loco.

So, we went back to the drawing board. After carefully reviewing all the feedback and discussing the matter amongst ourselves, we’re now happy to report that we will be making the following changes to the Feat of Strength:

  • Exalted reputation with Shen’dralar will no longer be required. As this is the only reputation that will be unobtainable in Cataclysm, we’ve simply decided to remove it as a requirement. For those who already earned Exalted reputation with this faction, don’t worry — we haven’t forgotten about your accomplishments. In a future patch, we’ll be adding in a separate Feat of Strength to recognize your deep love of Dire Maul.
  • Bloodsail Buccaneer faction reputation will remain in-game. Also, to ensure that this change does not negatively affect Cataclysm quest progression in Stranglethorn Vale, Booty Bay Bruisers will now provide reputation up through Exalted.

This will ensure that players will still be able to attain Insane in the Membrane and “The Insane” title in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Please note, however, that these changes will not take effect until The Shattering in patch 4.0.3a — excluding the separate “Exalted with Shen’dralar” feat, which will be introduced in a future, but currently-undetermined patch.

And, of course, those who are already Insane in the Membrane will retain their title and current Feat of Strength. Shine on, you crazy diamonds.

So, wow. That’s a lot to chew all in one post. The Insane will still be obtainable, contrary to what we’ve been told for several weeks. It won’t be as prestigious as it is now but on the plus side us extra-hardcore Shen’dralar fanboys will get another feat of strength which will be unobtainable in Cataclysm.
And just for extra funsies, Bloodsail Bucaneer reputation will be grindable again – and this time, all the way to exalted from killing bruisers!? 😮 I know what this means, I’m gonna have to grind my Steamwheedle rep from hated to exalted a third time, haha.

I believe these changes will make most people happy, so that was some pretty good and relieving news right there!


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11 Responses to Latest beta build brings insane changes?

  1. Knaledge says:

    I just saw this today and immediately came here hoping there would be some additional insight. I’m glad you noticed this too!

    I just finished Bloodsail the other day and now am preparing to for the Steamwheedle Exalted haul. I just need to figure out how to maintain Bloodsail (as recommended). The guides you linked don’t go into detail about this (at least, the first one doesn’t. The second one you linked now just goes to that site’s mainpage).

    I know this is a bit of a bummer for those who spent countless hours grinding out DM rep or worse, money.

    Sheepishly, though…. this is good news for me since I’ve only recently become more… “appreciative”… of achievements.

  2. Gavendo says:

    You can maintain your Bloodsail reputation by exclusively doing DM runs to gain Steamwheedle rep. The quests “Free Knot” and “The Gordok Ogre Suit” offered by Knot Thimblejack will grant you Steamwheedle rep and not hurt your Bloodsail rep.

    And about Shen’dralar, well, maybe they could put in a separate feat of strength for that or something. Then people wouldn’t feel “cheated” on either end of the spectrum I imagine.


  3. Knaledge says:

    It would be nice for sure if there were some kind of added Achievement for Shen’Dralar. I wonder what will come of this all, now.

    As for Steamwheedle rep in DM – I ONLY attain rep by shackle keys and suits? Or are kills considered +Steamwheedle rep, too? IIRC, those two quests are only worth 75 rep. I’m 0/36000 hated with Steamwheedle so……. haha.

  4. Gavendo says:

    If I remember correctly you should earn 350 for Free Knot and 75 for the Ogre Suit, so should add up to on average 425 per run (you might not get a key every run).
    Killing mobs in DM rewards no reputation, but you can kill pirate mobs in Tanaris, Barrens and Stranglethorn. I think only the ones in Stranglethorn reduces your rep with Bloodsail but I can’t say I’m a 100% on that tbh. I just did the quests in DM myself. 🙂


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  7. Knaledge says:

    WOO HOO! Now everyone wins!

    So is the only way to get exalted with Shen’Dralar through pristines and librams? I can see the market flattening out a bit after this announcement but not nearly as much with the newly announced Feat of Strength for Exalted with them.

  8. Shakarr says:

    Having done this myself I can confirm both the rep gains for Free Knot and Ogre suit as well. And yes you can go the route of killing pirates outside of the goblin towns minus Bloodsail, booty bay. I did try a little bit of that pirate killing too in the Barrens, but the rep gains vary depending which ones you are killing. After about a day I too ended back in DM, it just felt a lot faster running through, killing the bosses and the mobs I would occasionally trip over.

    When I made my initial post on my own blog, MMO-Champion had issued only the one line that Shen’dralar was being removed (and so enamored was I by the new moonchicken pets that a guild mate actually had to tell me to scroll down). I know I was certainly felt cheated seeing its removal. I actually saw the Blizzard post before I came over here, but I know I’m much relieved to see them promise to put in a FoS for it.

    ~Cheers, Shak

    • Gavendo says:

      Yeah I think this will end up being a good compromise all around. I hope they put in a title for the “exalted with shen’dralar” feat though. Maybe “of the Highborne”? 🙂


  9. tindaellyn says:

    Big Problem: you can no longer run DM for steamwheedle rep since 4.0.3a – whilst the goblin – knot – is still in DM, the “free knot” repeatable quest no longer exists and you no longer get steamwheedle rep from the gordok ogre suit. So while you can grind up your bloodsail rep, we are going to have to find a different slog to grind up our steamwheedle rep. So far I have found the pirates on the new Fray Island will grant rep for booty bay, everlook and gadgetzan. Ratchet is going to be a problem! Would love to hear of anyone else post 4.0.3a patch that has found a good way to grind this rep.

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