Tips for The Immortal

Cataclysm is one month away and The Immortal & The Undying will only be available until then. Blizzard has stated that with the health pools we’ll have in Cataclysm, these achievements will be trivialized and as such shouldn’t reward a super-awesome title. Now, we might not love the idea that two of the possibly coolest titles ever in the game are becoming unobtainable. But these titles might not be as cool when everyone and your mother’s sister has it because it was so easy to obtain.
And rather than getting upset about the situation, we should think productively!

Mechanics of the achievement

To earn this achievement you have to kill every boss in Naxxramas in 10-man (for Undying) or 25-man (for Immortal) mode without having any player die during any of the encounters. As soon as one person has died during a boss, you can call it quits and leave the instance. Players can die during trash clears however, that’s fine. Every single player in the raid doesn’t have to be present for every encounter, you can leave players out for certain encounters if they don’t think they can handle it or if they need to go on a break.

Your biggest threats

The biggest threat that stands between you and this achievement is momentarily lapses in concentration. You’ll have to heavily emphasize how very important it is to avoid certain things and to not dps yet or not to overaggro and some people still won’t take you seriously because “it’s just Naxx… whatever” and then die. You will have to convey the fact that people can still get one-hit from many things in this instance if they don’t follow the tactics properly. If people understand that, then hopefully they’ll be more cautious.

Then there’s the other problem; disconnections. This isn’t something we can do anything about, if you have your main tank disconnect in the middle of an encounter or any random person during a boss with void zones, you will fail. And you will hate Blizzard, ISPs and everyone else for it too. This is just bad achievement design on Blizzard’s part though and not something you can do anything about. Well, other than not bringing people you know are very prone to disconnections.

Bosses in Naxxramas

Here’s a list of the 15 bosses found in Naxxramas:

You can pick the order of the wings you go down yourself and because of this I’d recommend going for the most dangerous bosses first so that if someone fails, you at least fail early and haven’t spent a lot of time doing something that achieves nothing.

I’d begin with the military wing (Razuvious has been the most dangerous encounter of all in my experience) then do Frostwyrm Lair and Construct. After that Plague and Arachnid (safe zone!).


Patchwerk only becomes dangerous if you put your melee dps on the boss. The easiest way to avoid any accidents here is to just have ranged dps be on him, with your current gear level it won’t matter at all if you’re missing half of the dpsers dps-output anyway so I would recommend doing this.

The reason for leaving melee’s out of this is because of Patchwerk’s ability Hateful Strike which will one-hit any non-tank. It hits the 2nd to 3rd highest melee target on the threat table with the most health. This of course, should be your offtank, but a lot of dpsers aren’t really good at dealing with aggro and could very likely leave the offtank far behind way down on the threat table.

If you insist on keeping melee’s in this fight, make sure that they are all dipping into the slime behind Patchwerk so that their health pools remain low.


There’s no one-hit ability on this boss and it is for the most part very easy. There’s one mechanic you need to watch out for however, Mutated Injection. He puts this debuff on a random target every 20 seconds. That person needs to run away from the raid (preferably as far away as possible) and wait until it drops off. A poison cloud will start growing from where it was dropped off and will spread pretty wide. You should aim for starting the encounter with Grobbulus in one corner and work your way around the room going by the walls, dropping off the poison clouds behind you each time you get them as to avoid cutting yourselves off.

Seems pretty easy? Yeah it is, but you can fuck it up. The Mutated Injection debuff is a standard disease and can be dispelled by people. If someone does dispel it then you’ll end up with a big poisonus cloud under the entire raid and and moderate AOE damage to everyone before that as well. This won’t one-hit the raid, but it’s certainly a big threat.


On this encounter you will have 1 to 3 kiters (usually hunters or frost mages) in the back of the room gathering adds. These adds have a ridiculous amount of health and shouldn’t be dpsed other than when Gluth does the “Decimate” ability (just like Precious & Stinky in Icecrown Citadel). Gluth will use this ability every 90 seconds and when that happens everyone will go down to 5% health, this is where you can fail. A kiter could get too close to an add or the tank didn’t use a cooldown, etc.

You can avoid this tricky section altogether by using heroism and blowing all your cooldowns, you should be able to kill Gluth before he does his first Decimate.


One of the more interesting encounters in Naxxramas and one that still can wipe you.

Prepare by making sure everyone in your raid understands how to position themselves and how to move around Thaddius by using macros such as this:

/raid <<<<<<<<<<<<
/raid [-] Thaddius [+]
/raid >>>>>>>>>>>>

Begin the encounter by splitting your raid up in two and send them up on each platform to take down Feugen and Stalagg (which needs to go down at the same time), these minibosses have to be tanked on the opposite side of the platform so they are close to the tesla coils. If they get too far away from them, they’ll wipe the raid. Now and then they’ll throw the tank that is on them across the platform and then head for another target, the tank has to act quick and regain control when this happens. And for this reason you want to position all your dpsers and healers as far away from the opposite side of the platform as possible so that the minibosses have no possibility of hitting another member of the raid than a tank.

Once the minibosses are down you will have to jump from the platform down to where Thaddius is. If you don’t actually jump, you will fall into the slime and most likely die.

For Thaddius you want everyone to group up on either the left side or the right side of the boss depending on what polarity debuff they have. It’s common to have positive charge on the right side and negative charge on the left side. Make sure everyone understands where to stand before you start the encounter and on which side they should move as well, you don’t want to ever cross the polarity’s.
Every 30 seconds Thaddius will cause a polarity shift and each raid member will randomly get a polarity assigned. This doesn’t mean you get a new polarity for each shift, you could just as likely get the same one assigned again. Be sure to watch your polarity debuff and act accordingly.

If you don’t move when you should and end up standing next to several people with the opposite charge, you’ll take 4.5k damage per person of the opposite charge. In 25-man this is guaranteed to kill you, in 10-man you might survive with just a few percent of health left but will die very soon after that.

Heigan the Unclean

Heigan used to be considered one of the most difficult encounters for this achievement since there was always someone in the raid who just had to fail on “the dance”. You can deal with this problem in two ways; you can leave those who can’t dance outside of the room and not have them be a part of the encounter or you can pop heroism and burn down Heigan quickly (he doesn’t start “the dance” part of the encounter until 90 seconds into the fight).

If you decide to do it properly then you shouldn’t have too much trouble either as long as everyone understands what to do.
During phase 1 the tank and melee will have to move along the floor (keeping Heigan away from the platform), avoiding the poison spewing up from the floor. This is the same movement that the entire raid will have to do later, then just in a more rapid fashion. During phase 1 all the ranged and healers stay on the platform.

After 90 seconds Heigan will teleport to the top of the platform and everyone moves to the floor and groups up in one corner (let’s say, by the door you came through when you entered the room) and waits for the first poison eruption from the floor. Once that has hit you move forward, beginning “the dance”! I think this best described visually, so here’s a video of it (with a very nice soundtrack):

Instructor Razuvious

This boss will one-hit anything, including tanks.

The only way to do this encounter is to use Death Knight Understudies. These are adds of the encounter but they can be mind controlled by priests (or anyone in 10-man mode, using two conveniently placed orbs). Your success on this encounter will rely on your mind controllers ability to control the Death Knight Understudies.

Have your two regular tanks tank an add each of the two understudies in the back of the room. Your mind controllers should take one each of the two in front, preferably just at the same time. The two understudies will be tanking Razuvious and taunting (ability 5) off eachother now and then. Make sure to keep the shield up (ability 6) and make sure to keep attacking to generate threat (ability 4).

Here you can have people dying to several things:

  • Overaggro – It will take the understudies a bit of time to get into position and to get some maintainable aggro and if you overaggro they won’t be able to taunt the boss back because the taunt is melee-range only. Do not under any circumstances dps right away (don’t cast a single thing, this goes for healers as well), wait until everything is in position and have been there for awhile.
  • You could have a mind controller die to being killed by the add he was just controlling. The control will fade away after awhile and when that happens the add will head straight for the mind controller. Try to keep the adds a bit away from the mind controllers.
  • You could have all of the adds die due to not using their shield ability or due to no one healing on them, once they’re all down, Razuvious will just go around one-hitting everyone in sight.

The Four Horsemen

On this encounter you will have one horseman per corner of the room. The standard strategy is to split most of the raid up between the two bosses in front and leaving two dpsers in the back with a healer.

There always need to be at least one person close to any horseman that’s alive, if there’s no one close there’ll be lots of raidwide AOE damage.
Being close to a horseman gives you a specific debuff, if you stack it too high you will take a lot of damage and deal a lot of AOE damage. You should switch boss once you hit 3 stacks.

Begin the fight by having most people on Thane Korth’azz and dps him down before you reach 3 stacks of his debuff. You want to begin with him since he has the Meteor ability which can one-hit a target if they’re on their own, but if there are other targets near that player the damage (47k-52k) will be spread among them. So, stack up!
Once he’s down everyone who was on Thane moves over to Baron Rivendare and dpses him down. The people who were on the Baron beforehand should move to the back.
The Baron will go down soon enough and then everyone should go to the back of the room and alternate between the two remainder bosses. Remember to switch boss once you get 3 stacks and try to not stack up, due to the void zones that drop.

There are several elements in this encounter that can kill a player, most of it can be healed through however. A meteor landing on a player on his own in 25-man mode will not be heal-able however (should be survivable in 10-man mode).


The ground phase is a standard dragon encounter, just have everyone group up on one side and dps away.

The air phase is where you can run into trouble. Sapphiron will cast Ice Bolt on three players (two in 10-man) which will freeze them and turn them into an ice block. There will be some delay in-between each one is cast and you will have to wait until all three (or two, of it’s 10man) are down before you stack up behind the ice blocks. Because if you stack up too early you’ll have another ice bolt hit on one of the people in the stack and everyone close to that person will receive a massive amount of AOE damage.
So, beginning of air phase; spread out.
Once you got all your ice blocks out; Stack up behind them.

If you don’t hide behind an ice block, you will take about 170k frost damage from Sapphiron’s Frost Breath (this means you die :o).


The longest encounter of Naxxramas and the most complex one at that. Phase 1 encompasses standing around in the middle of the room and dpsing down the adds that come in. Make sure no one moves out of the circle in the middle or lots of extra adds will run in. Here you are likely to fail due to triggerhappy dpsers who attack the big melee adds before tanks get a chance to aggro them.

In phase 2 it is vital that everyone spreads out by 10 yards to avoid spreading nasty AOE hits to more than one target. You should mark the healers and make sure you place them in a triangle (or circle, if you have that many) around the center of the room so everyone will always be in healing range.

Here’s what can kill you:

  • Frost Blast – Cast on a random player in the raid and deals 104% damage over 4 seconds. If you cast at least one heal on the player he or she will be fine, no heal = death.
  • Shadow Fissure – Standard void zone, it appears on the ground, it looks nasty, it will kill you (even you, tanks), stay out of it.
  • Mana Detonation – Cast randomly on mana users in the raid, this will deal AOE damage to everyone in 10-yards based on the players mana. If you’re a retridin then you’re fine. But if you’re a holy paladin with 50k mana? You are sure to kill someone. This is why you should always spread out by 10-yards.
  • Chains of Kel’Thuzad (Only in 25-man) – A standard mind control, can hit up to 3 targets at the same time. CC the targets and do not dps them.

At 45% health, adds will spawn that need to be offtanked. They don’t do a lot of damage at first but after time their damage output increases a lot. This shouldn’t be a problem since you’re dpsing down Kel’Thuzad so fast with ICC gear anyway.  The only way these adds could be a threat to you is if they aren’t tanked and this could be a very real problem because your offtank can also be mind controlled. Because of this, you should have at least two offtanks for the adds.

Also a special note for the offtanks: the void zone can be tricky to see when you got big adds up in your face, make sure to pay extra attention to the floor beneath your feet.

Lengthiest post to date? Possibly. 🙂
I wish you much luck in the acquiring of this achievement, may the disconnection gods be on your side!

Update (2010/11/22): I earned this achievement myself today after raid leading the whole ordeal. We did it using the recommendations above and by never losing focus.



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4 Responses to Tips for The Immortal

  1. Zinn says:

    Great post! I think my guild actually is thinking about trying for The Immortal before Cata so I might have them check this out so there won’t be any sad mistakes. I remember when I tried for The Undying in another guild and everything was going smoothly when suddenly, just after the decimation on Gluth, the ret paladin killed himself with a judgement and Seal of Blood (you remember, the seal that dealt damage to the paladin). The kind of thing you laugh at afterwards but which was kinda annoying at the time ^^

    • Gavendo says:

      Ouch, haha!

      Yeah, we’ve got several stories of “that one thing” that went wrong throughout many many runs to get this achievement. And it’s always the same, that one person does one little mistake and then it’s all over and the guild never forgets it…

      I think the way they designed the Ulduar equivalents of these achievements is much better. 🙂


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