Hunter soloing: Flame Leviathan

Ok, this one might be a bit more interesting and challenging for you than the Zul’Gurub video I posted last time! This time I wanna talk about how to solo Flame Leviathan of Ulduar in 10-man difficulty. Since this is a vehicle-combat encounter it should apply to every class. However, I’ve heard that some other classes have had trouble with Flame Leviathan just despawning when you try to switch vehicles, which isn’t the case for hunters.


Spec and pet doesn’t matter in the slightest here since the entire encounter will be done in vehicles. Your gear does affect the vehicles though, the higher ilvl of your equipped items, the more damage and health will your vehicles have. So if you got some crazy high item level on some PvP gear, don’t be afraid to slap it on.
I’m not sure what the minimum ilvl necessary here is, I used mostly 264-277 myself but I’ve seen it done with much worse gear (245-251), I think that perfecting how you carry out the encounter has a much bigger effect than your gear.

You will probably spend about 40 minutes to an hour clearing out the trash in front of Flame Leviathan if you’re doing it on your own. But you should make sure not to skip clearing out the trash because otherwise they might come and attack you in your rear when you’re setting up for the encounter.

You will most likely fail several times on this before you’re able to time everything perfectly. And before each attempt you have to set everything up again (you don’t need to clear trash again though) so make sure you have a few hours available.

Setting up

To be able to do this encounter on your own, you will have to make use of three separate vehicles; two demolishers and one chopper. You set up one demolisher in one corner of the room and a chopper next to it. The other demolisher you should put on the diagonal opposite side of the room.

The encounter

Begin with putting a slick of oil from your chopper in the path between you and Flame Leviathan, so that he has to pass over it. Once that’s down you hop over to your first demolisher. Just before you start the encounter you should fire off a boulder on the oil slick to start the fire. Once you’ve done that it’s time to fire off pyrite on Flame Leviathan to begin stacking the very heavy dot.

Begin by applying several pyrite stacks in a row but slow down once you get to the higher numbers, like say, 7.  Put in a boulder between the last pyrite stack and the next one. Once you get to 9, let the dot almost run out before you reapply it. This is because at stacks of 9 and 10 the dot does crazy amounts of damage and you want to maximize the time he receives that amount of damage.

Once you’ve gotten up the 10th stack, get the hell out of there! Jump out of your demolisher and into the chopper. Try to time it so that it’s just in-between two melee hits, if one of them hits you, you’ll be down for the count. You can see me using deterrence in the video above, hoping that it will save me but I’m not sure it actually does.
Once you’re in the chopper, use your speed boost ability right away and make your way across the room to your second demolisher. Fire off another oil-slick on the way just like the first one so that Flame Leviathan has to pass through it.

When you get into the second demolisher, begin by putting a boulder on your oil-slick to make that burn. Then repeat the pyrite process just like on the first demolisher. This time Flame Leviathan has a longer path to get to you though, so you can probably fit more boulders in-between your pyrite stacks. But just like with the last one, the most important thing here is to maximize the time Flame Leviathan has the highest stacks (9, 10) on him.

If you time everything just right, Flame Leviathan will go down and you’ll get some unsexy ilvl 219 loot, 169 gold and if you’re an engineer, possibly some Mekgineer’s Chopper materials. But the fact that you were able to do it is a reward in itself, don’t you think? 🙂



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I write a World of Warcraft blog called "Rapid Fire" on the topics; hunters, pets and achievement hunting.
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