Hunter soloing: Zul’Gurub

I always wanted to make a series of hunter soloing videos and now that I’m writing a hunter blog I feel it’s appropriate to do that here. This first one I’ll be doing isn’t very difficult at all and not very impressive, but I figured I’d start with it since this raid will soon be going away. Yes, I’m talking about Zul’Gurub!

Zul’Gurub is fairly easy to solo nowadays and there are some sexy rewards in there for those who are persistent (or lucky) and this raid has two lockouts per week rather than one, which increases the chances of sexy rewards landing in your pocket.
Two bosses can drop mounts; Bloodlord Mandokir can drop Swift Razzashi Raptor and High Priest Thekal can drop Swift Zulian Tiger (I have it!).  If you like pets there’s something for you too, the raptor mobs who are located around Bloodlord Mandokir have a chance of dropping Razzashi Hatchling. All three of these will be unobtainable in Cataclysm since the entire raid is going away.


I didn’t use any special spec or gear for this, just my standard raiding set-up (264-277 gear). I did however bring a tenacity pet and I’d recommend you to do so as well. I used a bear which brings the decreased attack power debuff but I used to use a crab during 3.3.5 without any problems, which means any tenacity pet will do just fine.
Make sure you got Glyph of Misdirection enabled to stop you from overaggroing your pet and as always, constantly keep Mend Pet up.

Bloodlord Mandokir (Raptor boss)

There’s a trick to soloing this encounter that makes it oh-so-much easier. Engage the boss and let your pet grab aggro, try to position your pet and the boss close to the bottom of the stairs. After a few seconds you should grab aggro from the raptor, once he’s on you, you should run up the stairs and jump down to that location where he can’t reach you. The raptor will evade for awhile and be harmless, but more importantly Mandokir won’t be able to use his Threatening Gaze ability properly and as such you won’t suddenly get Mandokir rushing away from your pet and straight to you.
Once Mandokir is dead just jump down and destroy his raptor as well. Nice and easy.

High Priest Thekal (Tiger boss)

There’s two phases to this encounter and it’s only the first one that should give you any difficulty since the second one is just tank and spank. In the first phase you have some extra adds to kill. The important thing to know here is that Thekal and his two Zealot adds will heal eachother and even resurrect eachother if given a large enough window of opportunity to do so. So if you try to take them down one-by-one then you won’t ever be able to finish the encounter since they’ll just heal and resurrect eachother over and over. Instead you should try to just do AOE damage.

Start with an Explosive Trap and go to town with Multi-Shot. You’ll need to steady shot now and then and this is fine, but try to switch your attention with your steady shots to whatever target has the most health at the time.
From time to time your pet will be stunned and the mobs will aggro to you, when this happens you’ll be dancing around looking stupid for a moment and not be able to do any proper AOE since our Multi-Shot was made of evil.

Once you’ve gotten them all down to low health, try to kill all three in a very rapid fashion with some single-target dps. When all three targets are down, Thekal will resurrect as a Tiger, at this point all you need to do is tank and spank.


Hakkar is the last boss of Zul’Gurub and as such will grant you an achievement if you’ve never killed him before.
To kill Hakkar we need to prepare by killing two other bosses, this is because Hakkar gains abilities by having the other bosses still being alive. Think Sartharion + three drakes. The bosses in question are:

  • High Priestess Arlokk (Panther boss) – 2 second gouge (aggro wipes the main tank) .
  • High Priestess Mar’li (Spider boss) – 6 second stun against current aggro holder.

If you don’t kill these bosses beforehand you will be at the mercy of RNG during the encounter. It is possible to kill him if you’re really lucky but more than likely is that you’ll just end up seeing Hakkar evade over and over and you’ll get very frustrated. What tends to happen is that you or your pet gets mind controlled then the other one gets stunned and then there’s no one on the aggro table and Hakkar just evades. But if you kill the two bosses listed above then you won’t see those stuns at all, you should still see the mind controlling but it won’t make the boss evade.

Other than that it’s really mostly a tank and spank, just keep misdirecting and mend petting and you’ll be fine. If your pet gets mind controlled and Hakkar heads for you, just use deterrence instead of feigning to avoid having him evade.

That’s all for now, I hope you found some useful hints in there and that may you get many mounts soon. Also, can you down Hakkar without killing the panther and spider boss? if so, leave a comment!



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