Hunter changes on the latest beta build

MMO-Champion went crazy earlier today with a big list of nerfs for every single class. Luckily it was the result of Blizzard completely redesigning damage scaling behind the scenes and not a big nerf-fest.

Here’s the actual hunter changes that went through:


  • Aimed Shot now deals 95% weapon damage, down from 100%.
  • Chimera Shot now scales from 48.8% of Ranged Attack Power, up from 28.8%.


  • Black Arrow base damage increased by 20%, from 3077 to 3685.
  • Explosive Shot now scales from 42% of Ranged Attack Power, up from 22%. Base damage increased by 25%, from 558 to 697.

It’s fantastic to see Chimera Shot getting boosted a bit. I think this buff will bring Chimera Shot to a really nice place and hopefully won’t need any re-balancing for awhile. The Aimed Shot change takes me by surprise on the other hand, that’s an ability I’d love to see go up in damage rather than down. It’s Marksman’s special ability, it’s a rare procc and very thematic in every way. It should be awesome, not just a “free Arcane Shot-lookalike”. As it is now they might as well just redesign the talent so that it proccs a free Arcane Shot for you. Not fun.

The buff to Explosive Shot looks pretty tasty, it brings it in line with Chimera Shot. It seems like all the signature shots (Chimera Shot, Explosive Shot, Kill Command) are scaling with ranged attack power about the same now (around 42-48%), which is a great start for the dream of having three viable raiding specs for hunters in Cataclysm. But that’s not the full story… Kill Command needs to scale even more to do the same amount of damage because the base damage component is lower and more importantly the ability doesn’t include ranged weapon damage.

Random blue:

Could we have one moron-free server?
…just one?

One server without nonstop stupidity in trade chat, without toons with utterly stupid names, a server for people with fully functional brains and who aren’t completely immature and childish?

It’s sad that it seems like 90% of WoW players are utter morons who behave like childern. Not only children. But dumb children.

But not all WoW players fit the mold.

Could we just have one server where the idiots aren’t allowed?


I’d pay extra for it, especially if it discourages the dummies from trying to roll there…

This isn’t really an appropriate topic for discussion…

Though, hypothetically speaking, what if we did create such a server and you were prevented from ever joining it? :p




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