The Elemental Invasion

Updated (13:26): Some of the previous findings about rifts and their spawn details weren’t entirely accurate. I updated this post to reflect current information and included some more tips in the meantime.

The elemental invasion has started! The world is shaking, ready to fall apart at any moment! Cultists have infiltrated the simple minds of Azerothian citizens and are using them for their own dirty deeds. Chaos, doom and an all around bleak future lies ahead. Now is the time to panic and to run around hysterically!

Fearmongering awesomeness.

All the leaders of the Alliance are gathered in Stormwind to discuss the troublesome events at hand.

Going undercover! No one suspects me.

I was wrong, doh.

After being sacrificed I was reincarnated as a plaque, ouch.

…I love this event (that some more people noticed and posted about), it is awesome in every way. First of all, it started on just another monday rather than patch day, making it totally unexpected. I just walked into Stormwind and oh, what’s this? A new quest? Neato!
The new event brings with it a questline, that is said to expand and become longer in the coming weeks. I loved the first part of it and have high hopes for the remainder of it!
The event also brings a feat of strength called Tripping the Rifts which seems to be rather tricky to achieve at the moment. MMO-Champion has the scoop and so does WoWhead.

But to quickly answer your questions, here’s how you get the Tripping the Rifts achievement:

How to become one achievement richer

Go to any zone that is relevant for your level (if you’re 80; Northrend)Β  and wait until it’s the start of the hour, then once the clock reaches the top of the hour, start flying around and spam this command (macroing it makes it easier):

/tar elemental rift

Here's what an elemental rift looks like

If you’re a hunter you can enable Elemental tracking to help find them and if you’re not a hunter you can still make it easier for you by using the NPCScan addon, just put in as a custom ID: 40651 (Source).

For us on my realm, the rifts currently appear at 12 minutes into the hour and then despawn exactly 10 minutes afterwards.Β  When that time comes, it’s time to go /afk for awhile. Reports on MMO-Champion and Wowhead state that the rifts appear at 0 minutes into the hour but that is not at all true for my realm. It could be the that the spawn-time is realm specific, random or alternating per day. We can’t really know for sure yet. But what I can tell you is that once you’ve found your first rift, note the time and make sure you’re at another known spawn-point next time that minute in the hour is coming up again.

You will need to close one of each type of rift to earn the achievement; earth, fire, wind and water. Do note that you don’t need to actually kill anything near the rift to get the achievement, all you need to do is be near it when it gets destroyed. This means there’s no need to kill members of the other faction who are near a rift, they are just helping you close it.
There are some suggested locations listed on MMO-Champion and WoWhead and they seem pretty accurate so far, someone even made a map (it’s not complete though).

The guide on WoWhead suggests that you are able to go into low-level zones as lvl80 and close rifts there for the achievement. I tried it myself and ran into the problem of having every rift I approached phase out in-front of my eyes when I got close to it. So I wouldn’t suggest it. Some speculation on forums says that this depends on if the elementals are attacking NPCs or not, but for me I’ve seen them phase out even when they were attacking NPCs.

This is only the beginning

Can you tell Cataclysm is soon around the corner? Well, even if you can’t, it’s time to wake up. Because the earth is rumbling, the cultist are plotting and the elementals attacks are growing in size and speed.

Zarhym says on the WoW forums that this is only phase one of four. I imagine by the end of this, we’ll be seeing rifts everywhere constantly rather than just 10 minutes at a time at the top of the hour. So if you’re having trouble completing this achievement at the moment, don’t get too stressed about it just yet.

Random musing:

Then there will also be four stages of QQ for the event.

First stage: QQ it is boring need more
Second Stage: QQ the elemental X is immune to one of my abilities and don’t want to use any other ability.
Third Stage: qq the event is making it so I can’t farm/grind/dual lowbies/ect.
Forth stage: QQ the event was too short obviously you caved in and ended a scripted event with a scripted start/end time early.

(Btw, I personally can’t wait to see everything play out)

Heroes like me? Oh Wrynn, you know how to sweet-talk a man!

Okay, sorry about that. That was a bit more pictures than usual… I couldn’t help myself. πŸ™‚



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I write a World of Warcraft blog called "Rapid Fire" on the topics; hunters, pets and achievement hunting.
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2 Responses to The Elemental Invasion

  1. Hi there,

    Noticed you backlinked me. Just wanted to thank you for that, and also to ask some questions regarding hunters.

    I was planning on remaking a hunter on the new server I’m on (Nagrand Oceanic) and I would like it to be a Goblin Engineer Hunter.

    Thing is, I don’t know what a leveling spec would be for 4.0.1 as I haven’t played a hunter in a year. Can you offer an assist in this case? πŸ™‚

    • Gavendo says:

      No worries, that’s what blogging is all about! Creating a widespread web of links leading people back and forth across the blogosphere.

      When it comes to leveling, the answer used to be “Beast Mastery”, always. But nowadays it honestly doesn’t matter that much. All three specs will be fine, but will play a bit differently.

      Beast Mastery – More powerful pets that can survive longer and do more damage but as a tradeoff you are less powerful.
      Marksman – You’re a powerful damagedealer and you’re only relying on your pet to keep the mobs away from you.
      Survival – Same as Marksman, you rely on yourself to deal massive damage, but this time with some magical damage flavor.

      If you want to do group quests on your own, then Beast Mastery will probably be the ticket for you.


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