Fillin’ the stables

I was ready on day one when the patch 4.0.1 hit to go out and tame all my new pets to ensure I could bring any needed buffs to the raid. I figured I’d be done quickly, but then after I had tamed my first pet I remembered… oh yeah, I have to level them too!

Before the patch, my stables was full of rare spirit beasts, except for my raiding pet (my wolf “Grey”). So I didn’t really have any of the new buff pets covered already by accident, other than Spirit Beast and Wolf.

I went out and tamed a pet per each buff that I figured was relevant to my raiding, which was all of the obtainable buff-pets in my pet guide; cat, core hound, dragonhawk, hyena, raptor, ravager and wolf.
I don’t really PvP, at all, but I figured I should get at least one PvP pet just in case. I decided on the warp stalker due to the short cooldown on it’s slow-down ability (and for it’s cool looks!).
Other than that I got myself a worm and turtle for their special abilities.
On top of this, for vain reasons, I got an extra cat with a different skin and a devilsaur just because I love to bring a devilsaur whenever I play as Beast Master.


This meant I had 11 pets to go out and tame and it’s first now that I’ve actually gotten them all and have leveled them up (well to be honest, I still have my dragonhawk left to level, I’m doing it right now as I write this post!).
I might have to go back and get the Oil-Stained Wolf that Mania is talking about though, that looks frikkin’ sweet!

So, I figured I’d round up some statistics for our friends the warlocks, death knight and all other pet classes… (hm, it’s just mages isn’t it?).

Pets tamed: 11
Buffs/debuffs available: 9

Time spent researching the pets: 33 min (3 min per pet)
Time spent tracking down and taming them: 2 hrs 12 min (12 min per pet)
Time spent leveling them: 9 hrs 53 min (3 heroics per pet at 18 min each)
Time spent waiting in the dungeon queue: 4 hrs 57 min (27 min per pet)
Time spent naming them: I’m still not done! (maybe I can get some inspiration from Darkbrew’s name choices)

Total time spent: 17 hrs 36 min (1hr 36 min per pet)


Blow it out your ass warlocks, death knights… and whoever else with pets!
But as they say, there’s nothing bad that doesn’t have anything good with it. Here’s the more positive statistics:

Justice Points earned: 2871 (87 JP per heroic)
Gold earned: 891 (27 g per heroic)
Wipes: 0

Also, I was able to finish leveling up my dragonhawk which I wrote about above. So if this post is about the average length of post that I make then I spend on average I spend 1 hr and 21 min writing a post.πŸ™‚


About Gavendo

I write a World of Warcraft blog called "Rapid Fire" on the topics; hunters, pets and achievement hunting.
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2 Responses to Fillin’ the stables

  1. Aybar says:

    Did you also get a Son of Hakar pet, before they get rid of ZG alltogether?
    (Or can you get the same pet/skin elsewhere, I don;t play hunter at all)

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