The first procc-scope is here

Asuras on the MMO-Champion forum discovered this apparently new scope that delivers what us hunters have been wanting for a while now and which was promised during one of the Q&A panels at Blizzcon; proccing scope enchants for bows and guns.

Gnomish X-Ray Scope

Requires Level 80
Item Level 85
Use: Attaches a permanent scope to a bow or gun that sometimes increases ranged attack power by 800 for 10 sec when dealing damage with ranged attacks.

This is great news! But this isn’t a new scope, this actually the old +88 crit scope altered to become more awesome. After realizing this I checked out the other scopes
(R19 Threatfinder, Safety Catch Removal Kit) to see if they had changed as well, but they so far remain the same.



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I write a World of Warcraft blog called "Rapid Fire" on the topics; hunters, pets and achievement hunting.
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