Addon: RaidCheckList

As soon as I heard about the fact that pets would be bringing the actual proper versions of buffs and debuffs in 4.0.1 and onwards, I imagined we’d see an addon like this sometime soon.
And here it is, RaidCheckList is an addon made to help you check what buffs and debuffs you have available in the raid. This is to help you pick what four (and at lvl 85, five) pets to bring to the raid.
If you’re still unsure about what buffs/debuffs pets bring, then check out this comprehensive guide at WHU and get working on taming those beasts!

Just me and my wolf "Grey"

It’s simple to use and comes with some basic options to reposition the anchor button where the checklist pops-up from.  You can completely hide the anchor button and use a LDB-style addon to reach the checklist instead. Keep in mind that when doing this, the checklist will still appear out of where you placed the anchor.
Personally, I found it easiest to just put the anchor button in a corner and have that be visible. But be warned, when putting it here you will cover up the anchor button and make it unclickable incase there are people who needs to be inspected (which means, everytime, until the bug is fixed. See below).

Thanks Anyia3 for this great addon, this will be an essential tool for all hunters from now on!

Me with a hyena pet "Lotta" in a 10man raid

Debuff bug

This isn’t a bug with the addon, but the game itself.
Currently, pet debuffs cannot be refreshed on a target at all. All the debuffs/buffs have no focus cost and a shorter cooldown than the debuff itself, so obviously Blizzard wanted the pets to be able to keep them up indefinitely. However, when the pet tries to reapply the debuff while it’s still on the target, it’ll just generate an “Immune” message in the log. Once the debuff falls off, the pet can put it back up. This guarantees downtime of the debuff and therefor you shouldn’t rely on pets for debuffs just yet.

It gets particularly bad with the armor debuff from raptors and serpents, which will slowly get worked up to 3 stacks and then fall off, only to be slowly worked up again.

Inspect bug

Currently you can’t inspect people, which is required for some of the functions of this addon. This is just a bug since patch 4.0.1 and will hopefully be fixed soon.

Other addons

After discovering this addon for myself I found some other addons and projects in the works which are similar but have slightly different qualities to them. I’m very happy with RaidCheckList myself and will be sticking with that for now.

  • Drotara from LessQQmorePewPew is working on an addon called Pick-A-Pet which is specifically designed to help hunters pick the right pet for their raid.
  • RaidComp is a tool that helps you put the raid together, listing all the buffs per class (including pets)
  • Utopia – The classic buff/debuff watcher has been updated for 4.0.1. This is a very heavy addon that looks at all the angles and keeps detailed encounter statistics of what buffs and debuffs were up.



About Gavendo

I write a World of Warcraft blog called "Rapid Fire" on the topics; hunters, pets and achievement hunting.
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4 Responses to Addon: RaidCheckList

  1. Bristal says:

    Hey, just found your blog through MMO Melting Pot. Welcome! I am a casual player, hoping to raid in Cata so I’ve started collecting pets for buffs/debuffs. I’ve picked up a wind serpent and a worm, but when I select them the only buff that comes up is the same for my spirt beast: Ferocious Inspiration, a damage buff.

    Is this a bug? I haven’t quite gotten my wind serpent to 80, yet, so I’m wondering if that might be why. I selected another hunter’s windserpent and saw the spell buff/debuff.

    • Gavendo says:

      The buffs and debuffs that your pet brings doesn’t work like auras that are always on. Instead they have to attack something to cast the buff (either that or you click the spell manually on the pet bar). Go attack something and you should see the buffs appear. 🙂

      Wind Serpents have a debuff, so that is something that you will only see on whatever player or mob the the wind serpent is attacking. If you’re looking for a pet to bring you a buff then I can recommend a Cat, Spirit Beast or Wolf which all bring you some very nice damage buffs.


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