Insane in the Membrane going away

Updated (2010/11/10): Blizzard has completly changed their mind on this and has recently stated that this achievement will be obtainable in Cataclysm. You can read more about it here. So this guide is no longer of much use. 🙂

During one of the Blizzcon Q&As the inevitable question about the Insane in the Membrane feat of strength came up:

Ok here’s something worrying news. A woman asked about the Insane in the Membrane achievement and how it’s currently broken on beta because some of the factions are actually missing in the game and as such there’s no way to gain the reputation needed. For example Dire Maul is totally redesigned so that kinda removes the opportunity to gain Steamwheedle Cartel and Shen’dralar reputation. Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street laughed about it and said:

“The biggest problem are the changes to the Bloodsail Buccaneers, that kinda put a bullet in that feat of strength for now.  It’s fun to do painful things in WoW. If there’s a huge outcry for it we’ll try to put something equally brute in the game”

So apparently the problems aren’t just with Steamwheedle Cartel and Shen’dralar, there’s a problem with Bloodsail Buccaneers as well. Maybe this feat of strength won’t be achievable in Cataclysm after all. I imagine there will be some more questions about this on the forums in the coming days and maybe we’ll get some further confirmation. But for now, it’s probably safest to go all-out and get this feat of strength ASAP.

Very worrying news indeed. And today I found this blue post, which put even more nails in the coffin:

Insane in the Membrane is a feat of strength, not an achievement. Feats are things that you can’t be guaranteed to complete, which is why they’re feats and not achievements. Most of them are actually now impossible to complete, and this feat will join a long list of “you had to be there” moments in WoW time.

The feat isn’t being removed of course, those who have it will retain it, however; some of the requirements are, so it will no longer be able to be completed by anyone who has not already done so.

It’s possible that in some very specific situations where someone has completed the reputations which are being removed, but not others that will still be in the game, that it can still be completed. But it’s something we’re waiting for clarity on, and will let you know as soon as we do.

Okay so we have it definitely confirmed by two separate Blizzard employees now. This feat of strength is absolutely going to be unobtainable in Cataclysm. This is probably very frustrating for a lot of achievement hunters out there who are most likely halfway through this achievement and might never be able to complete it. I know I would’ve panicked myself I hadn’t completed it already.

But panicking isn’t very productive, let’s try to be optimistic and consider the last paragraph of that blue post. What factions can we actually still gain reputation with and which ones can’t we? By finding this we can inform players what factions they need to focus on 110% before the expansion and which ones they can put on hold for now.

First off I wanna recommend two sites with guides on how to obtain this feat of strength, I used them both myself and found them very very useful. Check out Insane in the Membrane FoS guide by Cogsworth and Massively Obsessed.

After some research I came up with this:

All of the above is of course subject to change and if you want to be absolutely certain then you should complete all of it before the 4.0.3 patch – So don’t shoot me if I’m wrong! 😮

I’ll keep this post updated if any new information comes to my attention.



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6 Responses to Insane in the Membrane going away

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  4. Phr34k says:

    I never bothered going for the insane title as it seems most nabs has it (and only are exalted with the few factions needed for the title). I just cba going to kill for Bloodsail rep. I have 52/53 exalted factions so I’m pretty pleased with myself.

    I actually went as far as getting ravenholdt and steamwheedle to exalted on two chars (working on my main alt ’cause I want the exalted title).

    • Gavendo says:

      I haven’t really gotten this impression myself. On my realm it seems the only people who got it are those already have “the Exalted” and just wanted to go a step further. If you’re into reputation grinds then this is basically the ultimate reputation grind. It’s slow, long, repetitive and most of the mechanics were never meant for a reputation grind and thus are quite heavy to do.

      Don’t let Bloodsail hold you back, that one is the easiest! It’s recovering from it that is tricky. 🙂
      I started out with Steamwheedle Cartel at exalted already and had to work them back up again, well worth it!

      I’m sitting at 50 exalted factions myself, only missing out on the AB/WSG factions due to an absolute hatred for PvP.


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