Huntery updates

Going through some blog posts and blue posts after the horrible discovery regarding Insane in the Membrane earlier today I find some cool hunter news. But first I feel the need to quote this blue post in a thread entitled “Dear Zarhym” by the user Zarhym:

Dear Zarhym

You left your account logged in on my machine.


Oh blues, how we love thee. :> (That thread gained over 20 pages in one day, haha)

Huntsman’s Lodge tips us about the latest spirit beast found on beta servers. It could quite possibly be the most awesomest pet ever in the history of WoW – No, really. I mean it!

Ghostcrawler, here seen sporting The Diplomat (Original picture taken by Frostheim)

If you read my Blizzcon 2010 post then you remember that the only thing I wasn’t really satisfied was that I missed the live show of Hunting Party Podcast and that I hoped for it to be released soon. Luckily for me, it’s already out! They talk about most things that are relevant to hunters that came up during Blizzcon, but more importantly they talk about how Frostheim bumped into Ghostcrawler and was able to ask him several questions!

Frostheim and Ghostcrawler chatted a bit about some current bugs, hunter AOE, how our shots just a little bit weird right now and some other good stuff. Most noteable however is that the topic of Pet Crit Immunity came up and that Ghostcrawler wanted us to be able to get our pets crit immune. This is something that has been up in the air for many months and it’s great to see that the developers do care about keeping our extreme soloing in the game, something that would of course take a severe hit without pet crit immunity. Another interesting topic that came up was pet collars, as in giving pets an equippable item – which I love, this could be way way awesome. Imagine all the possible customizations we could get from just having some gem slots on an item like that. Strength for a ferocity pet, stamina for a tenacity pet, intellect for a spirit beast used for spirit mending, etc.

Update: Just after I wrote this post I discovered that Frostheim updated his blog with yet another picture of Ghostcrawler. I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity and literally had to make another picture.

So I basically nerfed paladins so badly that they turned into this! (Original picture by Frostheim)

That’s all for now, join me next week for a very special Rapid Fire, where we’ll offer crazy big prices for writing interesting comments on blog posts! (No, not really)



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