A flimsy update

Night elf? No I'm not a night elf! Can't you tell by my red beard?!

Sometimes, bugs aren’t all bad… because, sometimes, they lead to awesomeness. Like for example this; The problem with the empty bags from the Headless Horseman has now been resolved:

Q u o t e:
What about empty bags from Headless Horseman? I don’t play live much but it’s annoying to get empty bags 😦

A hotfix was deployed and they should be dropping flimsy masks now.

Flimsy masks?! Woohoo! That increases the chances of me being able to complete A Mask For All Occasions this year! When Blizzard does things like this, you just gotta love ’em.
This achievement is so RNG-heavy that I at first glance imagined it would take at least two years to complete it, after a few days of working on it this year I was thinking I’ll be lucky if I can manage it in three years. But now with this change I’m thinking there’s some hope of completing it this year and I’ll tell you why: I have received a brand new mask every time I opened up the Loot-Filled Pumpkin since the hotfix and I wasn’t missing that many to begin with, effectively reducing the chances of this happening every time I get a new one. Obviously, there hasn’t been that many days for this possible drop so I’ll draw no conclusions as of yet. Also, in general Blizzard doesn’t really have a history of introducing special RNG-exceptions to their drops. 😀
I’m just living on the hope of greatness at the moment.

Cogwheel of doom bug

Are you still experiencing crashes when mouseovering clickable world items such as the pumpkin shrine during the Headless Horseman event? Then you probably will for a while longer. The only way to fix it is via a clientside fix, which means a quick serverside hotfix is impossible. The earliest we can expect a fix is during next weeks maintenance (2010/10/27 for EU). So if this bug is a problem for you, you should check out this thread full of workarounds.



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