Anzu, The Raven God

With patch 4.0.1 Anzu, The Raven God became a regular boss in heroic Sethekk Halls, as in you won’t need a druid who has done the quest chain to summon him anymore. I got inspired by this post on OutDPS to try out farming it myself. Tangent: I tried checking if he could be found in the normal difficulty as well as heroic, but I kept getting this error “Transfer Aborted: instance not found” which is probably related to the realm problems from last night.

I went in with my normal raiding gear and Marksman spec with a bear pet. Killed a few trash packs on the way but skipped most of them. I tried doing the deterrence -> disengage -> feign death move at one point but it seemed a bit too risky to be worth it since these mobs still hit pretty hard (I managed to survive with 1% hp left!).

I reached Anzu in about 5 minutes and was glad to see that the adds were indeed gone.

Get 'im!

The encounter itself was easy, just keep up Mend Pet and Misdirect (with the new Glyph of Misdirection this is very easy) on your pet and use your regular rotation on Anzu.

Apparently they changed the encounter so he only does the self-banishing and summoning of adds once. Either that or my dps was so high it bugged the encounter. Regardless I am pleased. 🙂

Update (2010/10/22): It’s day two of my Anzu-farming. I discovered that I indeed could go through the entire instance without killing a single mob. I did deterrence -> disengage -> rocket boots -> feign death a few times. Since you have to wait 3min between each little burst forward (for the boots to get off cd) it actually ended up being a longer run this way, and it was more risky. I did die once from the pesky Ravenguards who still have the power to destroy you in a matter of seconds. Tomorrow I’ll go back to the regular safe pet-assisted way. 🙂

Also – the real reason for writing this update – I had Anzu do the self-banishing and summoning of adds twice today. So apparently I just managed to bug him yesterday with imba dps, true hunter style!



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4 Responses to Anzu, The Raven God

  1. Hi Gav,

    I’m a druid and even though I was always able to summon Anzu this has been great news for me too! Anzu was never the problem for me but the trash in that room was awful. Between being feared and stunned I was taking such a beating I stopped trying for the mount but now I’m paying him a daily visit again.

    Good luck on the mount!

  2. quori says:

    The circling birds are a pain now without Volley. Its not difficult, just a pain.

    Got the mount on my second attempt.

    Still haven’t even sniffed ZG or Strat though…50 Baron kills on one toon, 250 on another.

  3. Gavendo says:

    @tomeoftheancient: I have to agree with you here, that trash was pretty awful. I remember going in there many times on my druid alt and thinking I could just steamroll through, pulling too much… Always ended badly. 🙂 – Thanks for the good luck wishes, I’ll need it!

    @quori: Indeed, those birds have a nasty tendency of reaching you before you manage to misdirect to your pet. This is something that can get less of a pain with practice though. I imagine for example that if you put your pet in the right spot under the birds and you yourself preemptively feign a bit away from the pack of birds that you’ll be able to get a misdirect -> multi-shot up in time before they reach you and ruining everything.

    And gz on the mount you lucky bastard! 😀

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