Wednesday hotfix impressions

After many hours of extended maintenance on the EU realms and after some rolling restarts, I finally managed to queue up for the daily Headless Horseman grind. This was however a big mistake since all the dungeon and battleground servers were down and any character redirected to an instance would just disconnect and refuse you to login on that character.
Luckily I decided to do Headless Horseman on my alts first, which left my main perfectly able to try out the new signature shot damage on the dummies.

Overall my damage had been boosted a fair bit, which makes me a happy hunter!
I counted it as, for me, roughly 6% for Marksman and 17% for Beast Mastery. This is however just dummy testing without an accurate buff/debuff composition and it is mostly relevant to me, my gear and stat setup. For those interested; I have mostly 277 gear with all my Crit reforged to Mastery. Unbuffed this lands me at 54% crit, 18% haste and 22 Mastery.


Chimera Shot is indeed doing more damage now. It’s still doing less damage than two Arcane Shots, but if you also consider the Serpent Sting ticks then fireing off a Chimera Shot rather than two Arcane Shots will definitely grant you a dps boost.
Removing Chimera Shot from your rotation: No longer a viable option.
I haven’t been able to get any conclusive results on whether or not Aimed Shot has been buffed or not. If it has, then it’s within the margin of error. Unless anyone gets any better results I’ll assume that it hasn’t been touched.

Beast Mastery

The raise in Kill Command damage is quite significant for Bast Mastery hunters since Kill Command is such a big contributor to their dps, now it’s even bigger! My own dummy tests places BM much closer to MM after this hotfix.

Bugs still prevalent

Apparently no fixes have been applied for the current hunter bugs.

  • Pets still randomly appear at ~20% hp. Sometimes it counts it as 100% indefinitely, other times it realizes that it’s just 20% and you have to heal the pet up.
  • After you specced 20 points for pets as Beast Master, you’ll get an extra point to spend in your pets talent tree after the pet has had a stable visit, you reconnected, etc. Spending the point will remove a lower tier talent point (won’t be visible, but the spell will be gone in the spellbook), but count the pets talent points as 21.
  • Pets can’t refresh debuffs on targets themselves, they have to wait for the debuff to fall off or for you to manually apply it.
  • A currently equipped quiver (which now functions as a bag) will show on your back at first, but disappear once you use your weapon or unsheath it.



About Gavendo

I write a World of Warcraft blog called "Rapid Fire" on the topics; hunters, pets and achievement hunting.
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4 Responses to Wednesday hotfix impressions

  1. Jojin says:

    Any buff is good, but this is not enough to make arcane spam obsolete in a raid situation, at least not for MM.

    It is still much easier to keep ISS up with just arcane spam. That does less damage at the target dummy, but in a fight with a lot of movement or occasional add duty it is still pretty close.

    Sig shot damage was a very small part of the overall issues with hunter dps atm. This hotfix ended up being very small as well

  2. Gavendo says:

    The damage of Chimera Shot alone is lower than 2 Arcane shots, yes. But if you’re planning on keeping Serpent Sting up it only uses 1 GCD instead of 3 GCD (2x Arc, 1x Sting) and uses less focus (44 vs 22+22+25=69).

    I found it appropriately challenging to keep the ISS buff up during my last 25man raid (monday, before the hotfix). I was using Chimera in my rotation already then and I did lose the buff now and then but was able to maintain a 85-90% uptime during most encounters (dropping way lower on for example Valithria Dreamwalker where the adds generally die before I get two steadies off). Considering I haven’t been using Focus long, I think that’s a pretty good and that it’ll get better in the future.

    However, I have lots of haste. At lvl 85 with much lower haste it’ll be more difficult to keep the buff up.
    If they changed the buff to have maybe 2 more seconds uptime then it would be a lot easier to maintain the buff, but it would also make our rotation less dynamic. Currently it’s exciting to see that every decision you make regarding next shot to fire off will have a large impact on your dps!

    And yes, on special encounters with lots of adds you naturally want to adjust your rotation a bit. For example, Chimera-usage will only be the best choice if you know that Serpent Sting will be able to use it’s full duration on a target. So on encounters like Saurfang for example where you won’t even bother putting up Serpent Sting on the adds, using Chimera will be a waste of focus.


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