Signature shots buffed

Good morning everyone! I’m having a wonderful morning with some croissants and fresh coffee. But, that’s not all that’s wonderful this morning…

Zarhym posted a few hours ago on the Official WoW forums:

We have pushed a hotfix to improve hunter damage.

Specifically, we increased the damage of the signature abilities (Chimera Shot, Black Arrow, Explosive Shot, and Kill Command) by 15-25%. This will both improve overall damage-dealing and make sure that these abilities are prioritized higher than other shots. We think this will bring hunters to a good enough state until they hit 85. Aspect of the Fox and Cobra Shot solve some specific issues at higher levels. Marksman hunters may still trump Survival and Beastmaster hunters until they’re 85, since their rotations rely a little on Cobra Shot.

Since many months back in beta, Frostheim has been saying that these shots will get buffed, otherwise our rotations wouldn’t make sense. And now they have buffed them, Yay!

This will also shoot down all the discussions about whether or not we should drop Chimera Shot from the Marksman rotation. The final answer is: No, keep using it.

Our average dps should see a fair boost from this buff, how much remains to be told. Hello target dummies, did you miss me?

Aimed Shot

As you can see in the above quote, Black Arrow gets a buff, which makes you think Aimed Shot has gotten tuned up as well. However, they don’t mention Aimed Shot at all which makes me think that it might remain untouched. Once I can log back on WoW though I’ll definitely check it out.

Why am I not happy with Aimed Shot in it’s current state? Well, it just feels a bit weak for a big procced ability with a 3.5 sec cast time, that also happens to be the signature shot of Marksman. It deals less damage than Arcane Shot, which means that anyone leveling will never use it. Why fire off this very slow cast instead of an instant shot that will deal more damage?
It still has a use even in it’s current state, in raids you’ll be using it maybe 4-5 times during an encounter from the Master Marksman procc which awards you a focus free instant cast Aimed Shot. This is only worth using since it’s focus free and thus is better damage per focus. I can’t help but feel that it’s a bit disappointing though. You want that rarely procced signature shot known as a “powerful aimed shot” (quoting the talent tree) with a longass casttime to be something powerful, something that goes Boom!



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