Extended downtime for EU realms

Update (20:35): Entering dungeons won’t cause you to disconnect anymore!
Update (20:25): Realms seem to be coming back online now.

Today’s extended downtime of the EU realms have yet again been extended. Apparently I was lucky to get a few hours of dummy testing earlier today, since the realms are yet again down and have been down for a while. And more importantly, any chances of raiding tonight are slowly slipping away.

The issues they describe in the above picture seem to be exclusively from joining instances. Anything you did in the regular world was working fine but as soon as you entered a instance you got disconnected and was unable to log back in. This caused most people to hang around in Dalaran which meant I had fabulous 5 fps while traveling through there.

Unfortunately this sets us back even more regarding our chances to get our hands on The Horseman’s Reins. First the game crashes upon pressing the pumpkin shrine to engage the boss and now we can’t even enter the instance. May I… QQ?




About Gavendo

I write a World of Warcraft blog called "Rapid Fire" on the topics; hunters, pets and achievement hunting.
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