R.I.P Ammo bags

Long Live Ammo bags!

Yes, that’s right. We still got them. However, they don’t just hold arrows and bullets nowadays (which would be just a tad pointless due to the fact that these no longer exist in the game), now they can hold any item you desire to put in it.
What happened was, all your quivers and ammo pouches on your character, in your bank, guildbank or on the auction house, turned into regular bags of equal value to the ammo bag.  Pretty much all WotLK and BC ammo bags turned into 18 or 20-slot bags, the vanilla bags being much smaller in size of course.

But there is one exception, Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina turned into a 24-slot hunter-specific bag.
24-slot?! Blizzard has been very generous with this one, since the only other 24-slot bag in the game right now will cost you 3000 gold a piece. I bet all other classes envy us greatly, and they should. I mean, we have the most awesome class in the game, why wouldn’t they be envious? Oh, and the free bag of course.

If you haven’t completed the lvl60 epic quest for Rhok’Delar and the previously mentioned quiver, now is the time to do it. Rumor has it that most, if not all, class-specific quests are being removed in Cataclysm and now might be your last chance to get it.

Display bug

If you use the Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina as one of your active bags for your character, the quiver will show on your back. However it’ll be removed as soon as you unsheath your ranged weapon (this includes entering combat and shooting at a target).
I have not tested any of the other quivers or ammo pouches that turned into bags since I didn’t have any of them, but I’ve read some wowhead comments that say they work the same way.

I for one hope that the bug here is that the quiver disappears while using your weapon, not the fact that we can see quivers on our backs.

Quiver of a Thousand Feathers

Here’s another interesting exception to the changed ammo bags. Quiver of a Thousand Feathers is the only ammo bag that can still be made by Leatherworkers (the pattern itself is no longer obtainable but if you had it before the patch you get to keep it) and it isn’t class-specific to hunters. Essentially, it’s the only regular bag that Leatherworkers can make (well, apart from Kodo Hide Bag… but that’s quite irrelevant to anyone today) and potentially sell to others. However, the materials to make this bag are so expensive that it cannot compete in terms of price with the tailormade Frostweave bag. Then again, maybe the quiver-on-the-back visual will work for other classes with this specific item? In that case making these could still generate a profit.
I imagine that if that works, it’ll only work when you have a ranged weapon equipped and unsheathed. This requires some testing!

My bankalt rogue wearing a quiver

Update (2010/10/22): I crafted a Quiver of a Thousand Feathers last night and sent it to my rogue, who was able to display it on her back without a ranged weapon equipped and it was still showing in combat. Afterwards I discovered that rogues had always been able to use quivers like hunters, so my first test proves nothing. Once I get the materials together again I shall try it on another class.

One of my lvl80 alts, Ahrae the moonkin, wearing a sexy quiver

Update (2010/10/28): I was finally able to get enough light feathers to craft yet another Quiver of a A Thousand Feathers. This one I sent over to my druid who also had no problem displaying the quiver on her back. At this point I’m guessing every class and race can equip and display quivers on their backs. Most of the ones in the game are hunter-only quest rewards or class-specific for hunters only. We can assume that the quest rewards will be gone in 4.0.3 and that the other quivers might be gone soon as well… (if they aren’t gone already, I should check that out!). But this one quiver remains and it brings the awesomesauce.


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I write a World of Warcraft blog called "Rapid Fire" on the topics; hunters, pets and achievement hunting.
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7 Responses to R.I.P Ammo bags

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  3. Nice post! Thankfully I own the 24-slot one since years, so now I have a nifty bag 🙂

  4. Added reference of this topic to my article.

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  6. Cold says:

    Nice post man. I was wondering if this displayed on the back for non-hunters. Excellent Research Presentation! LEt me know, if you move these. I’m still thinknig the materials cost is too much. Especially with all the new goblin alchemists that will be want to buy primals for transmuting.

    • Gavendo says:

      I was able to craft these for less than 100g a piece but I had a lot of trouble actually obtaining the materials through the auction house. Not many people felt like posting feathers for a few silver per stack was a worthy effort I guess. 🙂
      Primal Air I wasn’t able to get through AH at all and ended up farming for them in Nagrand.

      I think it would be reasonable to charge 300-400g for these just because of the unique visual they provide.

      I haven’t tried selling any myself… but if I did, I would have to spam trade to share with others the knowledge of what it does, but when I do that, other leatherworkers will likely pick up on it as well and then there will be lots of competition for the already non-existant materials.


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