Hunters in 4.0.1

So, lots of things are changing.

Mana -> Focus
No pet choices -> Infinite numbers of pet choices
Small stable -> Harem of pets
Endless amounts of ammo to buy -> NO MORE AMMO
Rigid easy rotations -> Priority based rotations, nothing set-in-stone
BM being useless for dps -> BM being totally ok for dps
Hunters doing awesome dps -> Hunters doing the same dps… or lower
Armor penetration -> no moar.

First of all, time to finally delete your super-rarely-used mana pots! 🙂

WHU has made some useful guides that I’d recommend checking out:

So, all hunters are now gonna use Agility as the primary stat and as such we should all be able to have viable offspecs. Currently it seems like all Hunters will wanna have a BM spec to switch to, just for the added buffs that exotic pets can bring (such as Heroism, Kings, Stamina). How important this will be is something we can’t say yet, since everyone elses buffs are being moved around as well, mages are getting heroism for example. So maybe we won’t have to worry about it too much. But, we should prepare by getting a pet of each buff-type so that we are ready to provide any buff missing. Our new role in a raid will be: buff-bot. With this in mind, our new most important addon will be Utopia, provided that it gets updated.

Our AOE will become absolute crap, but don’t worry this is supposed to be true for all classes. The actual result we’ll see once we get into a raid though… Don’t forget to use the new Trap Launcher to get traps into trash packs for added dps.

Scatter Shot is now baseline, and there’s less PvP talents all-around. Maybe PvP is a bit more fun now for those of us who never got a PvP offspec?

Hopefully there have been some more changes on blizzards internal builds that just haven’t been listed yet. Cause if there hasn’t, the rotations recommended on WHU won’t be the best ones. Currently on the PTR, the best thing to do is spamming Arcane Shot and ignoring your specs signature shots. So for example: MM, don’t use Chimera, reapply SS manually instead, then Arcane spam.

One thing I wanna know is if the new Glyph of Serpent Sting works with Chimera Shot anymore. And if so, if it’s worth using over any of the other glyphs. I’m wondering since the talent Improved Serpent Sting does not work with Chimera Shot.



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I write a World of Warcraft blog called "Rapid Fire" on the topics; hunters, pets and achievement hunting.
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