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Fillin’ the stables

I was ready on day one when the patch 4.0.1 hit to go out and tame all my new pets to ensure I could bring any needed buffs to the raid. I figured I’d be done quickly, but then after … Continue reading

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Pet Guide: Buffs, debuffs and other pet abilities

Index: Introduction Raiding pets PvP pets Special pets Introduction Patch 4.0.1 totally changed the way hunters approach pets and it was for the better. Before 4.0.1 there was one pet to rule them all, one pet to buff them, one … Continue reading

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The first procc-scope is here

Asuras on the MMO-Champion forum discovered this apparently new scope that delivers what us hunters have been wanting for a while now and which was promised during one of the Q&A panels at Blizzcon; proccing scope enchants for bows and … Continue reading

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More talk about signature shots

Yesterday over on WoW Insider, Frostheim posted an article about the current state (and beta state) of hunters signature shots. He explains why you should be using them instead of Arcane-spamming, which became popular after 4.0.1 was released. I’ve talked … Continue reading

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Quiver of a Thousand Feathers update

A bit over a week ago I wrote about the changes to quivers and ammo pouches for hunters in the 3.3.5 -> 4.0.1 transition. To make a long story short, all the ammo bags were turned into regular bags with … Continue reading

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